What the Heck Happened to Sasha?

If you follow me on instagram, you are probably wondering why all of my friends and family are giving me things. If you follow me on instagram and don’t know me that well, you might think it’s my birthday or something. Because I am getting cards, and flowers, and balloons, and gift cards and just generally being loved on by all of my great friends and family.

A very long, and honestly sort of stupid, story made short:  I was tubing, the bracket broke of the boat, it hit me square in the teeth, and now I am down 4 front teeth and up several doses of hydrocodone. Because getting your teeth knocked out is actually really painful. 

I’m not posting a picture. I feel awful and look like a freak. I had to put my running plan on hold, and I’m working from home. I could share all of the logistics of having my teeth knocked out, but that would make for a very, very boring blog post. 

Instead, I am going to share a few memes that I think are a funnier way to share my current pain: 


Soooo this is basically how I feel. 


The dentist said they can’t do anything until I heal more, so I’m just hanging out, taking pain meds.  It is going to be a long journey to getting fixed. 


My office is being kind enough to let me work from home, which is really helpful.   


I am also sort of feeling bad for Mom and Dad, who spent a ton of money getting me a great smile when I was a teenager. What a waste!


But all in all, I am trying to retain my cheerful and sassy personality. After all, it’s just teeth, right?



  1. Oh my gosh-OUCH!!!


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