Help Us Guess Whether Baby Magee Will Be a Boy or Girl!





Tomorrow around noon, we get to have our 20 week anatomy scan. This scan will tell us lots about Baby Magee, who we’ve been affectionately calling Pup. We are really excited and maybe a little bit nervous. The last time we saw Pup, he or she was just a tiny yolk sac.

20160228_095800 (1)

Taken November 30th, there wasn’t much to see here but it helped us start believing this was really happening!

Now the sonographer will be taking multiple pictures and views so the doctor can make sure that our baby is healthy and developing correctly. The doctor will be checking the heart, spine, kidneys, brain, etc. 

Instead of worrying that the doctor might find something concerning, we are focusing on the excitement of learning more about our baby and hopefully finding out whether Pup is a girl or a boy!  

We would love it if you’d like to make a guess as to Pup’s sex!  

Just for fun, here are how some old wives’ tales are predicting :

  1. Carrying High or Low: Middle. Conclusion: Inconclusive
  2. Stealing my beauty?:  Definitely. Conclusion: Girl 
  3. Ring test: Back and forth Conlucion: Depends which website you check. 
  4. Heart Rate: 150  Conclusion: Girl
  5. Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary. (Jonathan says sweets, but I always like sweets) Conclusion: Inconclusive, Girl? 
  6. Chinese Calendar: According to, the Conclusion is: Girl
  7. Spouse Gaining Weight: Yes Conclusion: Girl
  8. Morning Sickness: While I felt off for the entire first trimester, I didn’t actually get sick much. Conclusion: Boy, I think. 
  9. Mom’s Guess: I keep dreaming it’s a boy Conclusion: Boy 
  10. Mom’s Weight Gain:  I have (at this point) net lost a few lbs, but my belly is definitely bigger, so the weight is mostly in the front. Conclusion: Boy 

Looks like the folk tales are counting on a girl! 


  1. I wondered where you were. Excited to find out who is right! Funny thing is the poll is 50/50 right now!

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