Julep’s August Wonder Maven is MY SISTER! + GIVEAWAY!

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Subscription boxes feel like the latest trend that isn’t going away. And I’m okay with that. I love subscription boxes. I’ve done a wide variety of themes and companies, but the one I keep keepin’ on with is the Julep Maven box.  If you’re unfamiliar with Julep, it’s a beauty brand that started out as a nail polish company but has since branched into other make up and beauty products such as face masks, lip sticks, eye shadows, etc. 

A few things that make Julep different:

  • Julep’s founder and CEO is a woman, which is (sadly) a big deal in today’s society. She also strives to be accessible via meet ups in cities across the country and live chats on social media. I love that a beauty company has a CEO that is inspiring to other women. 
  • Along those same lines, Julep’s “thing” is being “brave pretty.” Basically, being “pretty” is what any individual decides it is. Their social media campaigns are always asking customers to tell them how they define brave pretty. I love that. 
  • Subscription boxes are more flexible than other companies. You can select a pre-curated box, or you can select your own items. If you aren’t feeling the items in any month, you just skip it. You can also shop the products outside of the subscription boxes, and there are periodic campaigns with mystery boxes where you have no idea what you’re getting. Essentially, there’s a little something for everyone. 

So what’s the point of this blog post besides free advertising for a company I love? Well, every nail polish has a woman’s name. And every month, there is a Wonder Maven polish. This polish is named after a specific woman. Awhile ago, I nominated my sister, Alysha, to be a Wonder Maven and did a quick write up on why I think the should be selected. Guess what?

Julep picked her!!!!!! They featured her on their blog and it’s so exciting! Check out the post and why they picked Alysha! Spoiler – I get a shout out in the post. 🙂 

Alysha Wonder Maven 3

Meet August’s Wonder Maven


Also, the polish is LOVELY. 


I am so excited and so proud that I am giving away one ALYSHA polish to celebrate my awesome sister! I may also throw in some other freebies.. you never know 😉 


To Enter – comment below and tell me how you #bravepretty or share a story about a woman who inspires you! 

WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Using random.org, Megan was selected as the winner!  Megan, I am sending you an email to the account you tied to your comment right now. Reply with your address so I can send you your prize! 




  1. I have loved seeing young black women recently embracing their beauty. They wear their hear short, long, up, down, natural, braided, however they feel comfortable and beautiful. I love how they encourage each other to be brave pretty– light skin, dark skin, skinny, plus sized, etc. I hope we can continue to encourage women of all races, backgrounds, and ethnicities to love who they are!

  2. Natalie Jeney says:

    My mother inspires me to be more of a servant to everyone around me. She serves anyone with whom she comes into contact. Everyone who has met her tells me what an angel she is. No matter what, she is always thinking of how she can serve and please others. I hope to be even half the woman of God that she is.

  3. Connecting to others through social media has definitely helped me be more “brave pretty”, whether that’s posting my own looks and getting feedback, seeing others try something that looks beautiful and getting an idea for myself, or simply appreciating someone else’s joy in the process of treating themselves to new goodies (I’ve seen a lot of Alysha polish this month, how gorgeous!) or feeling confident in their new beauty endeavors. I found this post through the Julep Swap group and it’s such a great, fun place to share with others.

  4. Samantha G says:

    My bestie Sheralynn is #bravepretty!!! She is an absolute rockstar!!! She is a beautiful navy spouse, wonderful mother to three highly energituc kids, she home schools all three especially her middle who has some special needs, she nannies for moms who need it, she volunteers in our community with a non profit mothers group & a produce co-op while volunteering for her husband’s command plus she can bake!!! She’s an amazing listener and is always there whenever needed, I don’t have to be anyone other than me around her & wouldn’t trade her for any body!!!

  5. Rachel Steiner says:

    The woman who inspires me is my grandma! She is incredibly caring, funny, strong, beautiful, and thoughtful in every way. We have always shared a very close bond and she has always inspired me. She has inspired me by introducing me to theater and nourishing my artistic side, and she has also inspired me by devoting her time to fostering kittens from a local shelter for several years, now. She is an incredible woman!

  6. Colleen R says:

    My 12 y.o. daughter is my idea of bravepretty. She isn’t caught up in society’s idea of beauty, which can fall into vanity and insecurity,. Instead, she is confident enough to not worry about how she appears to others on the outside, but instead is always considering the feelings of others and how she can better herself so that she contributes to society in a worthy way. She is clear cut in her goals in life, has mapped out her plan to get to college, and even set her sights on achieving an athletic scholarship. She is about to enter the 7th grade. I encourage her to always stay true to herself. She inspires me to be a better mom every day.

  7. To me brave pretty is all about having the confidence in yourself to do what you thought you couldn’t or weren’t ready for. It’s looking in the mirror and saying “Girl, you are fierce! Go forth and slay!” Whether it’s a bold new lipstick, adramatic smoky eye, or an amazingly sparkly polish, Julep’s products help me find my confidence. Recently I auditioned for a musical for the first time in 3 years. I’ve had some health issues keeping me from performing, and I wasn’t sure if I was ready, but I put on my Lady in Red Julep lipstick and went for it. It was an awesome feeling knowing I can. That was definitely a brave pretty moment.

  8. Christy H says:

    Brave Pretty, it’s hard. For me at least. I am a tomboy for one. Two, I am the wife of a vet and mom of an awesome OCD Asperger’s son. Dressing up is a decent top and jeans and sneakers. I wear makeup maybe 6 times a year. But I love doing my nails. It isn’t much, but it’s something that gives me a bit of pretty and normal, but I went without it for a long time. I was going to an event, and I actually did my nails, and my son went bonkers. He loved them. It seems so silly, but yet, it brings joy to him as well to see them. Now he helps pick them out, between Julep and Jamberry. Now with the Julep boxes, he gets to help pick what he likes and what he thinks would be pretty for me. And I get to have fun being Brave Pretty for my son.

  9. Brave pretty for me is wearing shimmery eyeliner instead of my normal black and being confident in my own skin!
    Confidence is a huge struggle for me and I rarely try something new but it has been so amazing seeing the community of mavens come together, encourage, and love each other! It has helped me try newer and bolder things that I never thought I would try! (:

    Love your story and happy your sister became a wonder maven!! <3

  10. Lila Nielsen says:

    To me #bravepretty is looking and warring things that make you feel comfortable, beautiful and most of all you. There isn’t a single person out there like you. There is only one you, and when you embrace that, see it for the gift it is, accentuate and celebrate the things that make you different no matter what anyone thinks or says, that is #bravepretty

  11. I know your giveaway is over but that’s not why I’m posting! I just wanted to say how COOL that your sister was chosen and I LOVE that color polish! not sure we can get it over here but I would definitely add that to my collection if I could 🙂

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