#100HappyDays: Days 41-50

This post will take you to the halfway point of my #100HappyDays Journey… so without further ado..

Day 41
sasharoundtheclock Jonathan made this coffee cake today! #100happydays #allmypostsarefood

Day 41, April 15th:Jonathan continued using his new found freedom from work to make delicious food. This coffee cake was delightful!

Day 42
sasharoundtheclock Had a fun evening going to a networking event with my coworker & friend, La Nita! #100happydays

Day 42, April 16th: My coworker, La Nita, and I went to a networking event together and got to hear some great advice from CEOs in the area.

Day 43
sasharoundtheclock Happy world Malbec day!!! #100happydays #wine #wino

Day 43, April 17th: We finally got our schedules to work out and had dinner and game night with our friends, Beth and Sam. It also just happened to be World Malbec Day, and Malbec is my favorite wine, so it was a pretty fantastic evening!

Day 44
sasharoundtheclock Beautiful walk with my friend, Jamie.

Day 44, April 18th: So my friend, Jamie, and I decided to go for an afternoon hike while our hubbies played racquetball. Only neither of us really planned the route. Or paid attention to where we were going. Or where we parked. OOPS! We ended up lost and on an epic, multihour, 8 mile walk. And at around 8 miles, we got the hubbies to pick us up because we were still miles from the car. Oops! I told Jamie, “By the end of this hike, we will either be great friends, or not able to stand each other!” Well, we’re still friends 🙂

Day 45
sasharoundtheclock Fun night bowling with friends! #100happydays @picturecharity @brookecannon317 @carissaspeelman

Day 45, April 19th: We went bowling with our small group and had a blast!

Day 46
sasharoundtheclock Working from home, drinking coffee in my jammies and enjoying this mug that @sparkle__ninja gave me for vday last year! It’s so true, too! #100happydays #sisters

Day 46, April 20th: Somedays I don’t leave my house, and on those days I really learned to appreciate all that I have in my life, including: a job where I can work from home, a caffeine, and an awesome sister who gave me such a funny (and true!) present!

Day 47
sasharoundtheclock Can Henry and Jo just get together already?? #forever #100happydays
Comment: sparkle__ninja Then the show would have to end

Day 47, April 21st: I don’t usually copy over comments but I had to in this case. Mostly because what I didn’t know then was.. the show DID end ::wahwah:: So I was happy in April before I know that, but now I’m sad!!!!

Day 48

sasharoundtheclock I was having a bad day today, and right when I needed encouragement, @carissaspeelman sent this over! Thanks!! #100happydays #friends #encouragement

Day 48, April 22nd: It was as though Carissa just knew I needed to be uplifted. My phone literally dinged right when I was feeling really defeated. Love my friends!

Day 49

sasharoundtheclock Art therapy at work! We actually did this at our retreat yesterday but I was in a bad mood and didn’t get to appreciate it until later. #100happydays

Day 49, April 23rd: My job hosts annual, day-long retreats and I always find them to be really refreshing and rejuvenating! It was really fun to tap into my creative side and just craft for the day! The exercise we did involved just letting your mind empty and drawing lines and coloring, and then seeing if your subconscious reveals anything to you as you analyze it. Not sure what I saw in there but it was still fun. Anyone want to take a stab at psycho-analyzing me?

Day 50

sasharoundtheclock Excited for the show to begin!! #100happydays #gatewayopera

Day 50, April 24th: We absolutely loved attending the second season of Gateway Opera. I wrote a detailed review here: Gateway Opera: The Impressario but already can’t wait for season 3! What a fun date night.

#100HappyDays: Days 31-40

Day 31


Jonathan turned 20 dollars into 131!!! Enough to buy the delicious soufflĂ© that I’m going to post next…#100happydays #vegas

Day 31B

Best soufflĂ© I’ve ever had! At the Eiffel Tower restaurant in #vegas

Day 31, April 5th: Okay, you got two pictures for this day! I thought it was just wrong to leave you hanging and wondering what that souffle looked like!  We had so much fun in Vegas, and I am having fun reliving those memories by posting these #100HappyDay posts. We didn’t spend a ton of money gambling, but it was SUPER fun to spend 20 dollars on slot machines and hit the jackpot and just watch the numbers go up and up and up!

Day 32

Wine flights at the Rio before Penn and Teller!#100happydays #redredwine

Day 32, April 6th: On our last day in Vegas, we went over to the Rio to see Penn & Teller! But before seeing them, we went to this little wine cellar in the Rio and had wine flights and a cheese plate. This is definitely a hidden gem in Vegas. It was cute and quiet, the wine and cheese were delicious, and the service was great! Penn  & Teller were pretty great, too, although I sort of fell asleep and Jonathan and I had a little fight over that. He was really disappointed that I fell asleep during the best trick/act. I was, too. But, it happens. Especially when you’ve been too busy having fun and not getting enough sleep!


Day 33

One last shot from Vegas. We made it home tonight after a great vacation!!! #100happydays #vegas

Day 33, April 7th: We did not see the Bellagio fountains on April 7th. Actually, we flew home on April 7th, so I thought it was fitting to do a latergram of an iconic Vegas spot that we saw two nights previously. It was BEAUTIFUL.

Day 34


Beautiful flowers growing in my yard! Yay, spring!#100happydays

Day 34, April 8th: If you have to come home from vacation, it sure is nice for your yard to greet  you with such lovely flowers!

Day 35

Last night we got to catch up with our friends from the mitten (Michigan)! @lmalexander86 #100happydays#longdistancefriends

Day 35, April 9th:  We got to catch up with our friends, Laurel and Ben! They moved away to Michigan several years ago, so whenever they come through Saint Louis, it is always such a treat to see them!

Day 36

Love my jams!!! Great bday present from fancy pantsy nancy #100happydays

Day 36, April 10th: We got to have our final hang out with the Krelles pre-move!  Nancy did my nails with Jamberry nail decals that she gave me for my birthday!

Day 37

Arcade time with @carissaspeelman !! #100happydays

Day 37, April 11th: Carissa and Brian shared their arcade Groupon to The Neutral Zone with us! Carissa and I started playing this police-training game that had really hard skill tasks that focused on aim, speed, and accuracy. Whew! It was so much fun!  After that, we went to a Jurassic Park Marathon Party!!! What a fun day!!!!

Day 38

We ran the half marathon. Well, ran and walked. We didn’t do any training for this, so I’m actually pleased with my time and that we ran half of it! #100happydays#halfmarathon #fitness #running

Day 38, April 12th: So, we had basically decided that we would not run the half marathon because we didn’t train for it the way we had intended, and I am a slow runner even WITH training. But then we thought, well, might as well go. What’s the worst thing that happens, we get picked up by the “You’re going to slow” bus?  Well… I had my best 5k time on the first 3.1 miles (34 minutes! Which is a great time for me!) and then we ran walk the rest. Doing the first bit so quickly (again, for me!) kept us in front of the bus, and we felt so accomplished at the end!

Day 39

For a fleeting moment I tasted success… Why am I addicted to this game?? #100happydays

Day 39, April 13th: The next day, I clearly didn’t do anything active because I was SO SORE from the half marathon! So I played angry birds friends, and for a brief second I was winning. This is so rare for me. And it was pretty much only because Alysha, Jonathan, and Nancy hadn’t played much yet….

Day 40

Twice baked ham and asparagus potato!#100happydays #food #hubbycooks

Day 40, April 14th: Food that I didn’t cook that was delicious. ‘Nuff said. 🙂 But I will give you the recipe: http://www.eatingwell.com/recipes/asparagus_ham_potatoes.html



#100 Happy Days: Days 21-30

Day 21

New ‘do!!! Love it! #100happydays #salondechriste#beauty #hair

Day 21, March 26th: I saw Brandi at Salon De Christe. She never, ever disappoints. I loved my cut and color!

Day 22


Enjoying time with these ladies! @picturecharity@carissaspeelman #100happydays

Day 22, March 27th: We had friends over, and I enjoyed spending time with these amazing ladies!

Day 24

Having a hilarious time with these great friends!!!#100happydays #friends #doubledatenight

Day 23, March 28th: Someone refused to make a silly face — can you tell who? We had an amazing double date night with our sweet friends, Nancy and Louis. We started with dinner at Sidney Street Cafe, and then went back to their place for games. I was so glad we had an opportunity to relax and have fun with them before their move to Chicago!

Day 25


So proud of my husband for taking a risk and quitting his job! Sending him off on a cycling trip with his buddy to celebrate! I got him that shirt for our anniversary, haha. #100happydays #hubby #cycling

Day 24, March 29th: With both Louis and Jonathan unemployed, the boys decided to go off on a cycling trip. Jonathan quit his job in order to pursue learning some new programming skills and I am really proud of him for being brave enough to try something new, and I am so glad that I am able to support him since he’s been so supportive of me through school and my job!


Day 26

Dinner date with @whelmingflood !! Love this great friend so much!! #100happydays

Day 25, March 30th: My great friend, Beth, kept me company while Jonathan was out of town. We both love trying new and interesting restaurant, so on that day, we tried Layla, and absolutely loved it!  The gooey butter baklava was out of this world!

Day 27


Guess who is going to be an Aunt again?? So excited for my sister-in-law and her family! #100happydays

Day 26, March 31st: My sister-in-law, Monika, announced (officially, and adorably) on Facebook that she is pregnant again! I absolutely LOVE being an aunt and I am so excited for her family!

Day 28

Bonus! My boss brought me Starbucks. Yum!!#100happydays

Day 27, April 1st: My boss loves me. Yum. Caramel macchiato.

Day 29

Look what I won at the work Easter egg hunt!#100happydays #easter #chocolatebunny

Day 28, April 2nd: Another makes-me-fat day at work 😉  We had an Easter egg hunt, and inside each Easter egg was a number that could be traded in for a prize. Mine was this chocolate bunny, filled with cookie dough… yummm.

Day 30

So full and so happy! #100happydays #celebritychefs#vegas #b&bristorante #food

Day 29, April 3rd: So, on April 2nd, we also flew out to Vegas! Our second day in Sin City, we had a dinner that really felt sinful!  We are at B & B Ristorante, owned by celebrity chefs Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich.  This was probably the best dinner of my lifetime. Every course was delicious, the service was impeccable. I could not ask for more from a dining experience!

Day 30


The sun was bright so we had some struggles not squinting, but we are having a fun day today!#100happydays #vegas

Day 30, April 4th: We went on a tour to Hoover Dam, and on the way we had a quick photo stop at the iconic Las Vegas sign. The tour was really cool and interesting, and I have more photos from Vegas and the tour, but this was my “happy day” shot because the sign was cool and I loved that we captured the fun of our vacation!

#100HappyDays: Days 1-10

I have a great friend, Kirsten, who I email with multiple times a week. She and her husband, Doug, are in the Peace Corps in Rwanda, you can read all about them, here: https://midwestpcvs.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/st-louis-couples-love-for-art-english-fuels-projects-in-peace-corps-rwanda/

Anyway, through the course of our emails it became apparent that I always had something to complain about. I am not proud to admit this, but I am someone who has every reason to be happy, yet, I let my summary of my day be filled with the tiny gripes in life instead of the tiny celebrations. Anyway, Kirsten recommended that I check out http://100happydays.com/

Essentially, it is a challenge to take a picture daily of something that makes you happy. To switch your focus from the things that are bad or negative, which is human nature, to the things that are positive.

I have actually been loving this project! I am sharing on Instagram under “sasharoundtheclock” (so feel free to follow me!)

Well, a few of my close friends (Kirsten included!) have told me that they don’t have instagram but want to keep up with my project. So I have decided to do some weekly recaps here on this blog, where the forum is better for story telling and giving you a deeper glimpse into what is going on behind these photos.

Now, I am on day 22, so clearly I am behind on that! So I am going to do weekly 10-photo recaps until we get caught up!

Here were my first 10 days, starting on March 6th.

Day 1

3 weeks ago

Watching tv from bed… Wonderful end to the work week and so relaxing! #100happydays

I decided to start my posting on the very day that Kirsten recommended it. So while this might not be the most inspiring tale of what makes me happy, I think a lot of people can appreciate that glorious feeling of snuggling into a couch or bed and watching tv or reading a book at the end of a long work day.

Day 2

3 weeks ago

Drinking wine with my dear friend! #100happydays

I got to spend almost an entire day with my dear friend, Nancy! We had a rocky start to our day – we had planned facials together and then one of the estheticians called in sick and my appointment was cancelled. Never fear, though, we saved the day! Nancy got her facial, and then I met her at the salon and we explored downtown St. Charles, wandering in and out of little shops together. I also came back over for dinner and to craft, but we ended up having great conversations over an amazing bottle of wine (Stag’s Leap FAY) that Nancy was kind enough to share with me. I love this amazing, fun friend!

Day 3

3 weeks ago

The weather was nice enough that I got to wear my flip flops! Looks like it might be pedicure time though…#100happydays

I absolutely love letting my feet be free! I went to the University of South Carolina for undergrad, where flip slops were a MUST. I always love when the weather gets nice enough to bust out my Old Navy flops!

Day 4

3 weeks ago

Had fun making this one-sie for a friend! I love having time to be crafty! #100happydays #embroidery

You may or may not know, but I got a sweet sewing machine for my birthday from my parents and my husband. And then I got an awesome cabinet of embroidery thread from my mother in law for Christmas, and some accessories from my sister (which you’ll see featured in part in a minute). So embroidery is my new hobby! I was so excited to be commissioned to make this for my coworker’s daughter’s first birthday! I have an extra, too, that I haven’t been able to sell so I guess I’ll have to wait for someone’s kid to turn one…haha.

Day 5

3 weeks ago

Great appointment at my dentist- my only long term care provider (other than my dad). Dr. Lambert and his staff are great and I had a cavity free appointment!#100happydays #dentist

Here’s a plug for my dentist. I’ve been seeing him for 5 years and he and his staff are just GREAT. I had an awesome, cavity free appointment. Whoo hoo!

Day 6

2 weeks ago

Practicing my embroidery by making a present for my dad’s bday! Shh it’s a secret!! #100happydays #embroidery #family

More adventures in embroidery! If you can’t read it, that says “Karachi Doc” and I made it as a birthday present for my dad. My dad is an amazing man. He is a child neurologist and he grew up in Karachi, Pakistan. He is a true testament to the idea that you can achieve  your dreams if you work hard and persevere. Love this man!

Day 7

2 weeks ago

Seeing these cute giraffe themed gifts daily reminds me of my sister and makes my heart happy!!! They certainly make my craft room more stylish!!@sparkle__ninja #100happydays

My baby sister (she’s 25 but will always be my baby sister) is so thoughtful and my desire to be crafty is rubbing off on her! She made the mason jar pin-cushion pictured. Yes, the lid of that mason jar is a PIN CUSHION that she made, and then I can keep the loose pins INSIDE the jar. I love it! She gave me a ton of accessories to get my sewing hobby off of the ground. When I see things like this in my house, it makes my heart really happy and reminds me how loved I am!

Day 8

2 weeks ago

Early start to daddy’s birthday weekend!#100happydays #roadtrip

You saw, above, that I made a hat for my dad’s birthday. Well, I also drove to Warm and Cheerful (that’s Centerville, if you don’t know) to celebrate my Dad’s birthday! The picture is really pointing out that it was 3:43, so I was getting a head start on my drive! Good thing I did, because the weather and rain meant that I got in pretty late! It would have been so much later if I had worked until 5!

Day 9

2 weeks ago

Got my dad to do a birthday selfie with me!!! Love my daddy and happy to celebrate him today!!#100happydays #family

Got my dad to take a selfie with me on his birthday! I am not the best selfie taker. I guess I need practice. 🙂

Day 10

2 weeks ago

Made it to my home at the end of our#bestieroadtrip!!!!! Excited to spend the week with@sparkle__ninja !! #100happydays #sisterweek#sistersinstl

The best long drives are long drives you get to share with a friend!  This amazing girl decided to spend an entire week with me before embarking in employment. We had so much fun, and you’re going to see that in the next ten that I post. 🙂