The Big Reveal!

45/49.45%  of you were right:


Obviously, either way we would have been thrilled, but it’s exciting to know one more detail about our baby!  Thank you so much for sharing in our joy with us!


Help Us Guess Whether Baby Magee Will Be a Boy or Girl!





Tomorrow around noon, we get to have our 20 week anatomy scan. This scan will tell us lots about Baby Magee, who we’ve been affectionately calling Pup. We are really excited and maybe a little bit nervous. The last time we saw Pup, he or she was just a tiny yolk sac.

20160228_095800 (1)

Taken November 30th, there wasn’t much to see here but it helped us start believing this was really happening!

Now the sonographer will be taking multiple pictures and views so the doctor can make sure that our baby is healthy and developing correctly. The doctor will be checking the heart, spine, kidneys, brain, etc. 

Instead of worrying that the doctor might find something concerning, we are focusing on the excitement of learning more about our baby and hopefully finding out whether Pup is a girl or a boy!  

We would love it if you’d like to make a guess as to Pup’s sex!  

Just for fun, here are how some old wives’ tales are predicting :

  1. Carrying High or Low: Middle. Conclusion: Inconclusive
  2. Stealing my beauty?:  Definitely. Conclusion: Girl 
  3. Ring test: Back and forth Conlucion: Depends which website you check. 
  4. Heart Rate: 150  Conclusion: Girl
  5. Cravings: Nothing out of the ordinary. (Jonathan says sweets, but I always like sweets) Conclusion: Inconclusive, Girl? 
  6. Chinese Calendar: According to, the Conclusion is: Girl
  7. Spouse Gaining Weight: Yes Conclusion: Girl
  8. Morning Sickness: While I felt off for the entire first trimester, I didn’t actually get sick much. Conclusion: Boy, I think. 
  9. Mom’s Guess: I keep dreaming it’s a boy Conclusion: Boy 
  10. Mom’s Weight Gain:  I have (at this point) net lost a few lbs, but my belly is definitely bigger, so the weight is mostly in the front. Conclusion: Boy 

Looks like the folk tales are counting on a girl! 

Finding Out That We’re Expecting (A Late Update)

On December 5th, I posted a life update that took you from September through November 10th (Alysha’s birthday.) Only my Mom thought to ask why, if I was posting a life update, did I stop abruptly a month early. Well, at that point, we weren’t really ready to share yet, but now we are!

We shared this picture on our social media accounts just before Christmas, but with the holiday hub-bub, the blog sort of took backseat.


I had been feeling some classic pregnancy symptoms, but those symptoms are also the same things I typically feel right before Aunt Flo gives me a visit, so I didn’t pay attention to them. I also felt completely exhausted visiting my sister, but we usually have so much fun that that tends to happen! I remember the first evening, though, it was 7 pm and I was basically falling asleep! Looking back, it all makes so much sense now. I flew home from Baltimore, and on the plane ride home, I had a dream that I took a pregnancy test.
Jonathan picked me up that morning, and dropped me off at home for a quick freshening up before we headed to work. He went to put gas in the car, and I casually took a pregnancy test. I say casually, because for those that don’t know, we had been hoping and praying to start our family for quite some time, and I had taken many tests over the last two years. I wasn’t really expecting anything to come of it. I almost passed out when I saw a second, faint little line!

I always knew that I wanted to tell Jonathan in some sort of fun or crafty way whenever I got that positive test. However, having been out out of town for the last five days, our schedule for every evening after work was packed full of stuff and we had committed to spending the weekend together. When would I be able to do something cute without him figuring it out??? Also, I was scheduled to have my first surgery towards getting a new, shiny set of teeth the next week and we needed to figure that out, too! I knew that I had to tell him THAT DAY. Needless to say, that was not my most productive day at work. Cue me googling “How to tell your husband you’re pregnant” on my iphone! I didn’t find anything that I thought fit us AND could be executed quickly and without Jonathan finding out. In the end, I made him a cryptogram, which is basically a puzzle that where the solver tries to uncode a word or phrase. Jonathan loves puzzles, so this was perfect! When I gave it to him, I tried really hard to be super casual, like “I was really bored at a meeting at work, so I made you this puzzle. But, it’s really stupid so don’t feel like you have to.” Meanwhile, my heart was RACING and I just wanted him to solve it right then and there! Luckily for me, Jonathan was thrilled to get a silly puzzle from his wife and started trying to sort it out right then and there.
The look on his face when he solved it was absolutely priceless. I wish I had a picture of it, but he looked shocked and happy and joyful all at the same time!

The next few days were a flurry of trying to figure things out, and taking tests everyday. Since the line was faint, I was still worried that it was a fluke or that something would happen to make that second little line disappear. By that weekend, the line was darker and I had begun experiencing morning sickness and absolute extreme exhaustion. I tried to explain the exhaustion to friends and family like this, it hits you like desperately needing to pee. Except you desperately need to sleep. Immediately.

The other thing we had to figure out was my mouth surgeries. Which got figured out pretty darn quickly. The doctor’s office said they absolutely will not operate on a pregnant woman and to call sometime after the baby comes to reschedule. Okie dokie then! While I was disappointed to not be starting the process until next year, I would absolutely not change a thing!

I had a lot of “plans” for when I got pregnant, and I am learning that plans are great, but sometimes you have to roll with it. For one, my mouth surgery plan is now completely different. For two, I always thought that when I got pregnant, I would follow a paleo eating plan and do pregnancy workouts daily. Well, I can tell you, my first trimester, I tried to do the pregnancy work out video I bought twice. It left me so winded and exhausted that the rest of the day was spent on the couch. In fact, everything left me completely wiped out. I barely made it through work on a daily basis, and would spend evenings on the couch. In terms of eating, well, I was lucky if I managed to eat anything. I couldn’t be too picky. 

Now that I am in the second trimester, I have a lot more energy and I am excited to craft more, blog more, and start making plans for Pup (what we’re calling the baby until we have a name!).  We’ll find out whether Pup is a boy or girl at the end of February, and get what should be a baby-looking ultrasound then! Can’t wait!