Julep’s August Wonder Maven is MY SISTER! + GIVEAWAY!

*This post is in no way sponsored by Julep.* 

Subscription boxes feel like the latest trend that isn’t going away. And I’m okay with that. I love subscription boxes. I’ve done a wide variety of themes and companies, but the one I keep keepin’ on with is the Julep Maven box.  If you’re unfamiliar with Julep, it’s a beauty brand that started out as a nail polish company but has since branched into other make up and beauty products such as face masks, lip sticks, eye shadows, etc. 

A few things that make Julep different:

  • Julep’s founder and CEO is a woman, which is (sadly) a big deal in today’s society. She also strives to be accessible via meet ups in cities across the country and live chats on social media. I love that a beauty company has a CEO that is inspiring to other women. 
  • Along those same lines, Julep’s “thing” is being “brave pretty.” Basically, being “pretty” is what any individual decides it is. Their social media campaigns are always asking customers to tell them how they define brave pretty. I love that. 
  • Subscription boxes are more flexible than other companies. You can select a pre-curated box, or you can select your own items. If you aren’t feeling the items in any month, you just skip it. You can also shop the products outside of the subscription boxes, and there are periodic campaigns with mystery boxes where you have no idea what you’re getting. Essentially, there’s a little something for everyone. 

So what’s the point of this blog post besides free advertising for a company I love? Well, every nail polish has a woman’s name. And every month, there is a Wonder Maven polish. This polish is named after a specific woman. Awhile ago, I nominated my sister, Alysha, to be a Wonder Maven and did a quick write up on why I think the should be selected. Guess what?

Julep picked her!!!!!! They featured her on their blog and it’s so exciting! Check out the post and why they picked Alysha! Spoiler – I get a shout out in the post. 🙂 

Alysha Wonder Maven 3

Meet August’s Wonder Maven


Also, the polish is LOVELY. 


I am so excited and so proud that I am giving away one ALYSHA polish to celebrate my awesome sister! I may also throw in some other freebies.. you never know 😉 


To Enter – comment below and tell me how you #bravepretty or share a story about a woman who inspires you! 

WE HAVE A WINNER!!! Using random.org, Megan was selected as the winner!  Megan, I am sending you an email to the account you tied to your comment right now. Reply with your address so I can send you your prize! 



New look, crazy weeks ahead

First, Jonathan said he has a cord that will let me upload my pics from my phone to my computer. Except it’s at his office, so he said he’ll bring it home today. So expect a barrage of picture posts tonight. 🙂 (He thought he had a cord at home, but it turns out that was a.. mini-USB… and I have a micro-USB? Something like that?)

Second, my new ‘do is really cute! I love it! I never say I love my hair. But I love my hair! It’s a reddish brown now, I’ve got my bangs back, it’s just below chin length. The salon experience was awesome. I highly recommend Rumours Salon in St. Peters. My stylist was Michelle. I pulled a typical Sasha, and said that I don’t know what I want, I just want something interesting but pretty, and something that works with fine hair and a chubby face. Hahaha. She had great ideas, and I love how it turned out. I love that she didn’t just give me a 1-2 inch trim and feather the sides (which is what usually happens when I say that). And I love that she asked me, what limits I have on what she can do. (I didn’t have many limits, just not shorter than chin length and has to work with my hair type.)

Anyway, great, great experience.

Third, I have some closure/peace on the whole influence survey thing. I think everything is fine now. I spoke to the person, found out where their feelings were coming from. I think I am over it.  Now I just need to finish writing about it for my influence reflection journal. Booooo.

Fourth, it’s Monday. and I hate Mondays. But hopefully today won’t be as bad. I’ve just got two more weeks before my schedule calms down. Then a week of a calm schedule. Then spring break. Then like 2 months of a calm schedule. Then exams. Then France. Then graduation. Then … bar review… OH NO. I won’t speak of that.


All in all, I may be stressed, but somehow I feel like I am going to survive!


Test woes + I need a new look, any suggestions?

So I had school woes. Then part of my school work caused me to have friend woes.

Now, on top of that, I have test woes.

I realized, basically on the last registration day possible, that the MPRE date falls on my spring break. So I signed up to take it in Ohio. Now, I had two great locations that would be easy to take it in. Columbus (where my little sister is) or Centerville/Dayton(where my parents are).

I put those as my first and second choices.

What did I get?




And, to make it worse, I had to pay a late registration fee because I had no idea the test date was so soon. (I have received an email for every single other test date for the last three years. For the date I actually wanted to take it on, no email. I finally realized, oh, maybe I should check on that. Good thing I did!)

And the fee is non-refundable. Even if the test center you get assigned to is highly inconvenient and you’d much rather cancel and take a later date (cough November) and not be so inconvenienced!



Onto the fun part. Tomorrow, I am getting my hair cut. The deal I bought includes a “hair gloss” treatment, which you can add a color tint to for ten dollars. The salon is also doing a deal on highlights (50% off). I like longish hair, but I am also ready for a new look. Maybe color would be a fun way to get a new look?

Any suggestions?


Also, i wrote brilliant valentines day posts, but the pictures show up in my drafts on my phone, but not on the internet… so Jonathan said he’d help me upload my pics from my phone to my computer tonight so I could actually post my posts!

Two Product Recommendations

So, I have been super beyond impressed with two products recently.

1. Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes

I bought a travel pack of these at Target and absolutely LOVE them! They take my make up off, while gently soothing my skin and keeping it feeling moist and refreshed.  I highly recommend them. If you sign up for the Yes to Carrots email, you can get a 5% off code.

2.Weight watchers creamy popsicles

These little babies are only 3 points, gigantic, and delicious! They are more delicious than many popsicles I’ve had that were full fat.  And they are so big! I can not finish one faster than in fifteen minutes. And that’s trying to eat it fast! I highly recommend it! I found these at my local grocery store.  

Deal Round Up

I’ve got two deals for you :

Free Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon Lotion (valid til 1/22) 

Land’s End Cowlneck Sweater: $8.50 

hope you guys enjoy those! 🙂


Well Again + Make Up Deal

Well friends, I am about at 85% wellness. I say 85, because I still have very little appetite which means I get tired really easily because I’m not yet eating enough. My weight is going back up, but to a healthy level, I think. I’ll see what it stabilizes to by my weigh-in on Sunday.

But I am disinfecting my house and moving around and feeling like a live human being again!

Now onto the deal… Last year, Jonathan got me an awesome make up palette. And while it was not perfectly matched up like the one Alysha got me this year, it was pretty decent.  The one he got me had 100 colors, and is by E.L.F. Slickdeals is doing a sale on their 32-color palette for 2 dollars: http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/67158/target-elf-32pc-eyeshadow-palette?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+SlickdealsnetFP+%28SlickDeals.net+Frontpage%29

If you like a bunch of colors, decent quality, and a cheap price, you really can’t beat this!

I’ll let you guys know if I see a good deal on the Ulta “Perfect Match” that I got this year. 🙂

Sweet Eyeshadows: Perfect Match at Ulta

But first, a better picture of that Asian Pear Sorbet…


Shown pictured with a simple ginger cookie. I’ll ask Jonathan for the recipe, because it got lightened up, also. We took the sorbet and cookies over to Nancy and Louis’s last night, and they both seemed to be a hit! They paired quite well together, if I do say so myself.


Next, this is not the best picture of me due to the lighting, which made my blush look way pinker than I think it did in real life. So ignore the clown cheeks.. but in this picture I am wearing two sweet make up gifts from Alysha. I have been trying for weeks to get a good picture of the eye shadow, because it is my new favorite product, but alas it never happens. So I have also taken a picture of this cute little set, shown below the picture of me. It came from Ulta, and is called Perfect Match. Each little circle really is perfectly composed to create great eye looks! I love, love, love it! I haven’t touched my arsenal of other eyeshadows since I got it, because it is just too perfect! I am also wearing a hot pink Lancome lipstick, also a gift from Alysha.





Anyway, I didn’t do a full “Look what I got for Christmas” post because I got so many wonderful gifts and Ihave not had the energy to take a picture of each thing and write a post that gigantic … but I may post some shout outs as I want to share various items here or there. But trust me, I got some really rocking gifts and feel really loved and appreciated by my family. In fact… I just got another present in the mail.. hehe.. but that will have to wait.  But anyway, last night I was jazzed about the make up gifts!

I was also inspired by my college roommate to do something more exciting than a pony tail with my hair, and since school has not yet started, I had lots of time to play around with it, and I rather like how it turned out! Although the more I look at this picture with the weird lighting, the more garish I think the total effect of the hair plus blush is. Oh well. The eye shadow is sweet. If you’re looking for some cute colors, I highly recommend that set from Ulta.

Maybe I’ll print up one of those make up sheets and do a few looks and post them later. We’ll see how ambitious I get. 🙂

Sasha’s Tips

I have beauty tips and I have weight loss tips for you today! Pictures of holiday crafts and deocrations are forthcoming (as soon as I take pictures and get them on my camera.


So until then, the first ever installation of Sasha’s Tips.


Sasha’s tips for static-y hair or dresses!

1. Dryer sheets. If you have static-y hair in the winter (I sure do!) keep a few dryer sheets in your pocket. One swipe over your hair and it will settle way down!  This also works when you’re wearing a dress or skirt with tights. I frequently have the problem where I wear a wool pea coat, and when I take my coat off, my skirt sticks to my stockings. The dryer sheet works in this situation too!

2. Hair spray. Spray a generous amount of hair spray onto your brush and run through your hair before leaving for the day. This helps keep your hair for static-ing up during the day. You can also spray your stockings with hair spray before you leave. I don’t like this method nearly as much as the dryer sheets, but I have done it when I’ve run out of dryer sheets, and it also works!



Sasha’s Tips for Surviving Holiday Parties:

1. Decide up front that you are having no more than one of whatever your vice is (drinks, desserts, chips.)  Tell someone your decision (a close friend, significant other, your mom, whatever!) so that you have accountability.

2. This is my frequent method of avoiding holiday party over eating. I plan a delicious meal for myself for when I get home, and then decide I can have one or two small snack-type things, and picture my delicious meal waiting for me. Or, if the party is going to run late, I eat before I go, and then make sure I tell people, “Oh I already ate” so if they see me shoveling food into my face, I feel really awkward.

3. If its a party or event with people you’re close to, just bring something for yourself. If you bring it yourself, you know what’s in it. Sometimes I just make sure I bring a piece or fruit or a salad, and then help myself to a few things that the hostess is particularly proud of.  Or, conversely, ask the hostess if you can bring something to contribute to the party. Then make sure your dish is something you like and something healthy, and help yourself to it!

4. Don’t go!  If you can’t control yourself, just don’t go.

5. Extreme work outs before or after the gathering. If I know I’m hitting the gym right after an outing, I won’t over eat because that makes working out really uncomfortable.

Amazing weekend

It was a super busy, yet super fun weekend! On Saturday, we got up and made some homemade waffles… we haven’t done that since we lived in the apartment! Then Jonathan attached the new bike rack that he got for his birthday (it was a joint effort by me, my parents, and his parents!). Verdict: he likes it!  While he was attaching that to the ET, we found a snake in our yard! Here’s a picture of the little guy:

Then we drove out to Ulta in Illinois (it took us 45 minutes) on a quest for nail polish and hot rollers.  While we were out that way, we biked along a trail that Jonathan frequently bikes with our friend, Daniel. They usually start on the MO side and bike all the way out there and then some. We just did about 6 miles on the trail out in Illinois. It was pretty and I hope we bike it again!

After that, we got a pizza and had a late lunch/early dinner, and watched a movie. Then, we went downtown to hear the Gin Blossoms play. That’s a link to my favorite song by them. You might notice that that song was copyrighted in 1992. Almost 20 years ago.  So they are pretty old now, but they played a good show!  Then Jonathan and I decided to play some penny slots since we were at a casino…. (mostly we wanted free sodas…) . We took ten dollars, and came out 7.54 ahead. Thats a 75.4% return on investment. Not too shabby.

On Sunday, we had a nice, relaxing, easy day. I spent the morning catching up on my couponing, and then I put that nail polish we bought on Saturday to good use:

Jonathan and I also made dum-dum ghosts! I used to make these with my grandfather when I lived in South Carolina:

Anyway, it was a nice weekend. Today starts our weight loss competition and a new, productive, less-tv-watching Magee family.  I hope!