RIP Pancakes Magee

It is with a completely broken heart that I share that our beloved pet bunny, Pancakes, passed on Saturday, 10/23/2016. I like to picture him hopping into my Papa’s lap (since, you know, he’s dead, too). Or hopping excitedly behind Jesus, while eating apple slices or cilantro. Or something like that. 

All dogs go to heaven, but do all rabbits? 

I hope so. 




We got Pancakes in 2010. We had baby fever but knew we weren’t ready for a family. We fostered a dog for night, but with our schedules, we felt we’d be doing a dog a disservice by not being able to give him the love and care that a dog would need. 

We were watching the O.C. at the time, and Summer gets a pet bunny. Jonathan had had rabbits as a kid. But nonetheless, I wanted to do my own research. I discovered that rabbits are crepuscular – meaning they are active most in the mornings and in the evenings. Perfect for our schedule! We fell in love with Pancakes the minute we met him. We also stole the name from the OC, but our Pancakes looks much more like a “Pancakes” than Summer’s did. Don’t you think??

 328302_10100536333500287_1541481007_o pancake1

Pancakes was about 2 years old when we adopted him, but to us, he never looked like a rabbit. He always had a baby face and looked like a bunny. He loved apples and cilantro, and he HATED carrots. 


Pancakes was smart and inquisitive. He would lick Jonathan’s forehead, and jump up on the futon for pets while I was studying for school. 

A few times, we were careless with the pet gates, and he would get out and hide somewhere and we would have to lure him back to his cage with food because he hated being picked up. 

Pancakes was my first, and thus far, only pet. I can’t imagine a better one.

I wish I had more eloquent words, but honestly, my heart is just broken. He was old, and in so much pain, and I know that now he is at peace. 

Pancakes, you were more than just a pet to us. You were our friend. We will never, ever forget you. 

The Last Three Months

It has been an insanely busy few months here!  I’m going to write some blogs specific to some big events that have happened lately, but here’s a highlights reel of what’s been going on. 

We went to Ohio for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. 

IMG_4074 11951725_1192615517421577_3825966784566595131_o

We ran in the Rootbeer Foam Fest 10k:

IMG_4138 IMG_4120

My goal was to run the first 5k in under 40 minutes, and I hit 38:20. The course was great, and it was a lot of fun! 

Pancakes got sick and had to go the vet and needed lots of love and care:

IMG_4043 IMG_4011 IMG_4013

We really thought he was dying, but we have an awesome vet, he got put on lots of meds and tummy rubs. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time with this little guy for a month trying to get him back to his normal self. I am happy to report that he is doing great! 

Jonathan turned 30. We had a party, and went camping. 


Longer post on that forthcoming. But isn’t the banner I made pretty?? 

We went to Ohio to celebrate a belated Eid with my parents.


My sister and her husband visited from Boston. 

IMG_4540 IMG_4525

I should have taken more pictures but we went to the city museum, ate great food, learned some acrobatics, got massages, and played karaoke revolution! A lot of fun packed into a weekend! 


I had a huge work project, that took a lot of time out of my evenings and weekends for a few weeks there. 


I don’t have pictures of that. But I think this meme pretty much sums it up. Glad to say the project was a success! 


We visited our best friends who moved away to Chicago. 

IMG_4616 IMG_4648 IMG_4662 IMG_4600


And back to Ohio for the birth of our niece, Amelia Eleanor.

IMG_4692 IMG_4697 IMG_4682 IMG_4691

And then out to Baltimore for Alysha’s 26th birthday.


Another whole post on this forthcoming as well.


And that about brings you up to speed! Whew! It’s been busy!