The purpose of You Can, Tuesday! is to bring mid-week content that encourages, inspires, or teaches in some way, and to bring together a community of people who want to share their experiences through guest posts, linking up, and comments! Too often, I have heard, and used myself, the words "I could never do that" or "wow, that seems really hard!" I want to give love to our friend, Tuesday, as a day where we instead say, "I can!" or "I'd love to try!" and either share our stories of how we've done something or teach others how to do something!

You Can, Tuesday!: Hydrate with Infused Water


Today, I am working from home and drinking pints! Pints of infused water, that is! Hydration is important at any time, but I am finding it is especially important:

1. during the summer when it is hot, hot, hot

2. When exercising, especially outdoors

3. When taking medication (like pain meds) that dehydrate you! 

That being said, sometimes my water just needs to put on its party dress, get a little pep in its step, have its flavor livened up!  So today, I want to encourage you to drink WATER, whether it’s plain or dressed up, and give you some ideas to get your creative juices flowing! 

FullSizeRender (2)

I’ve made three infused waters for today! Now, I like to make mine in a glass, the night before, and it’s good to grab on my way to work! It’s more economical to make a pitcher at a time, so the amounts below are for a 64 ounce pitcher. To do a glass, you can look at my pictures or just divide everything by 4 to get a 16 ounce glass.



Cucumber Melon:  

1 cucumber, sliced

15-20 melon balls



Ginger Celery:

8 (big) slices ginger

2 celery stalks, sliced




 12-15 mint leaves, chopped

1 lime. sliced



How do you hydrate?

Do you have any infused water recipes or ideas?

What CAN you do, this Tuesday?

Share in the comments or link up your post! 


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