Where has the last month gone?

Well, it’s been busy!

Last post, I was in Kentucky visiting my little sister for family weekend! She is already a rockstar in her program and I am super proud of her!

I came home on a Thursday, and on Friday, we left for a birthday camping trip for my hubby. We had 20 people go all together, 7 of which were kids! Wow! What a group! It was a ton of fun! Jonathan has the pictures on his phone, which I do not have. So, hey! Jonathan! Send me those pics! haha

The weekend after that, I had my enrollment ceremony into the Missouri bar! So my dad and Alysha came to St. Louis to watch me take my oath and get my certificate. I am officially an Attorney and Counselor at Law! Whoohoo!

And then the next week, I had interviews galore. Which worked out, because in ten days I will start my new job! I am super excited!

So I have ten days as of now of FUNemployment. What am I doing with it? Β I cleaned the livingroom, bathroom, basement, and kitchen yesterday. I am working on finishing a picture book for my friend, Laurel, with pictures from her baby shower. I am going to start (and maybe finish?) a scrapbook of our trip to France. I am going to add a page to my anniversary scrapbook. And I am going to WORK OUT and do some meal planning so that when I start working I can try to keep my progress.

Speaking of working out/progress… october began my “THIS TIME I’M SERIOUS” weight loss plan. Yeah, yeah. You’ve all heard that before. but… but.. this time I’m serious! haha

I have lost 3 lbs in October, so that is a nice, healthy rate. I had been hoping to lose 8 this month, but I guess that’s not happening. Β I didn’t actually start til Oct. 8th, so I’m still happy with it. Β I just need to keep on track.

So, yeah. That’s what’s been up. What has everyone else been doing? πŸ™‚

MoBar: Passed!

Well, friends. I have passed the Missouri bar! I feel like I need to check and recheck the website to really believe it! I am so excited!

I can finally clear out my old books and move on with my life!!!

I can be an attorney and practice law.


I don’t really have words right now. just really excited, relieved, and feeling accomplished.

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me, who listened to my complaints, who helped me study, who brought me food while I was studying, and who has just generally been a friend during the last few years. πŸ™‚

Man. My life really IS awesome. In fact, I am making an “I Am Awesome” playlist.

I have like, 100 corny law jokes, but I’ll save them for the I Passed The bar BQ” tomorrow. πŸ™‚

I Blame the Bar

Ridiculous things/thoughts inspired by studying for the bar:
– I think a wisdom tooth is coming in. I’m 26. Aren’t I a little old to be teething? πŸ˜› I blame the stress from studying for the bar. It is clearly causing mutations.
– Today, Jonathan is running really late getting home… for about five minutes (before, thankfully, he called me to tell me about his hijinks) I literally entertained the “what if he’s dead?” thought (which is a natural thought process when you are a touch paranoid like I am) and the thought process went something like this, “How do I tell his Mom we can’t have the funeral until NEXT Friday so that I can sit for the bar first?”
– I crave caffeine and starbucks in ways I never have before. I also blame this on the bar and attribute it to clearly a mutation.
– And exercise. I crave exercise constantly. Probably from spending too many hours hunched in front of stacks of books.
– But seriously, if Jonathan (god forbid) did die, I would take my books to jeff city, extend my hotel room, and hole up, study, and sit for the bar. (He told me on the phone that that’s exactly what he would want me to do. Good law-student’s husband, for understanding instead of being offended.)
– I got birchbox and it is awesome!
– That last thought had NOTHING to do with the bar πŸ™‚
– When I hear conversations (especially at starbucks), I mentally try to figure out which MBE subject would fit best, and how to analyze it. This has resulted in my friends being both irritated and entertained by me. Because of course I have to share.
– I am so ready for this to be over (clearly).
– I wonder if I feel like I am not working hard enough because I am a slacker or if I feel like I am not working hard enough because I have really high expectations for myself that are not even close to being meetable. I hope that I’m somewhere in between and solidly in a passing zone.
– I should go to bed so I can get up early and hit starbucks, gym, starbucks,lawschool,home, biking, home tomorrow.
– Jonathan is signed up (and by signed up, I mean, as the husband of a bar candidate he is REQUIRED) to help me cram-study-memorize all day on Saturday and Sunday. Maybe by Sunday night he will WISH he had atleast pretended to be dead until after the bar πŸ˜›

This will probably be my last post until after the bar, so for any of my fellow bar-sitters… GOOD LUCK! πŸ™‚

One eensy teensy part left…

Okay, I’m being a little facetious.

But, today I found out I passed the Character and Fitness section of the bar. So, so far I have passed the MPRE (ethics), passed the Missouri comprehensive exam, and now character and fitness. And an additional message confirming that I have sent in all of the necessary information to be thoroughly examined.

All that is left to pass is the actual bar itself. 2 MPTs, 6 MEEs, and 200 MBE questions.
Okay. can do.

Just gotta push through one more full week of studying harder than I ever have in my life. Then sit for the exam. Then start praying I passed!

Alright, Sasha, time to WORK!


Mid-Study Update

So, in preparation for the bar, I made Jonathan change my fb password. So no facebook until August, basically! It’s so hard! haha.

Anyway, that means my break time is sort of wide open, and I felt like blogging, so I am.

The pressure is really on! I really, really hope I pass! :/

Jonathan was awarded Associate of the Month for his crazy hard work lately. I’m super proud of him!

I really like organizing things. I’ve been using my free time to organize things lately.

Alot of fun things are happening once I take the bar, in that nebulous time between sitting for the bar and finding out if I passed. I’m going to visit Alysha in her new place in Kentucky!!! I think I’ve mentioned that she is starting GRAD SCHOOL in the fall! I am excited to get to be there to help her settle in and explore! I love exploring new places, and I love one on one time with my sis!
And I am going to go with my parents to Boston to see Saira (haven’t been there since Jan. of 08 for her wedding, so that will be fun!) I will also get a LOT of quality time with my parents on the drive there and back. I’m looking forward to it!

In September, we’ve got trips to Chicago, Lake of the Ozarks, and camping. And Nancy and I will also be throwing our friend Laurel a baby shower. We also have wine tasting and are signing up for a 10 K in October! So much fun planned!

I am trying to not worry about finding a job, because worrying at this stage will only make me… well.. worried.

I am also trying to not worry about friends feeling irritated at me for emailing them about camping so early!

I am also trying really hard to not worry about not passing the bar. Because that will not help at all. I feel like I am starting to worry about trivial things in order to help not worry about the big thing that I am worried about!

Okay, break time over. I guess I should get back to studying.

Blogging Hiatus

So, this whole studying for the bar thing is sort of eating my life. And when I’m not studying for the bar, I am relaxing or catching up on housework that falls behind while I am studying, or exercising. Or doing other incredibly important things.

So, as much as I really wanted to write fabulous posts about our trip to france and about graduation, I have decided to stop feeling guilty about not getting things done and just go on an official hiatus until after the bar.

Then I promise the following posts:
– Trip to france (probably multiple posts with pictures!)
– Graduation (ps.. if you’re someone I know in real life, I made a beautiful photo book and if you message me I will give you the link and password if you would like to see this!)
– Fourth of July (I hope I actually get to have some fun then!)
– Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and Tour De Donut (having fun and getting fit!)
– BAR…(it might be a very, very dark post. We’ll see.)
– New Risotto recipes (I might post this sooner depending on how soon I want to clean my dry erase board where my sister jotted down how I made red wine mushroom “cheesy rice” πŸ˜€ )
– New white wine veggie recipe
– How-Tos for some fancy crafts from Kendra’s baby shower (which is way overdue because sweet baby Gloria is nearly a month old now!)

I hope everyone in internet land is doing great, and if I see a good deal or something here or there I might update. But nothing of substance for ONE MORE MONTH. πŸ™‚

That fabulous feeling of freedom!

So, today, I took my last law school final. Ever! It feels fabulous!

And at the same time… really weird.

When I graduated high school, I had already signed up and paid my deposit and I knew in the fall I’d be a freshman Gamecock at USC.

When I graduated at USC, I had already signed up and paid my deposit and I knew in the fall I’d be a 1L at WashULaw.

Now, I’m graduating from Wash U, and in the fall I know… well, absolutely nothing. I know absolutely nothing about what I will be doing in the fall. It’s a freeing feeling. It’s a stressful feeling. It’s a confusing feeling.

But for now, I know on May 18th I’ll be walking in the graduation ceremony (and unless something terribly awry happens and I failed on of my exams, which I’m not really concerned about since I’ve never failed a class in my life and even managed to pass ConLaw and Estate and Gift Tax) and I’ll have my joint JD/MBA. And on the 21st I’ll begin my bar review courses. and at the end of July I’ll sit for the MO bar.

And after that?
I. have. no. idea.

Anyway, Jonathan’s on his way home from work and we are going to go out to celebrate me finishing law school. So I guess the existential crisis will have to be postponed for now. πŸ™‚

Think I’ll just focus on being EXCITED THRILLED HAPPY and FREE!

Exam Week 1

Well, I sure kicked off the first week of exams properly!

One of my best friends from high school came to visit and arrived on Sunday. Of course, leave it to Randal to notice the donut maker sitting on a shelf in the basement. So we randomly made donuts on Sunday night (thanks, Saira, for Jonathan’s christmas present :)) and played poker (with no money of course), and Randal was winning by a lot until I went all in. Strategy: success.

On Monday, I did nothing but hang out with Randal. Yup, no studying whatsoever. πŸ™‚

Tuesday morning, Randal and I went to the Kolache Factory for breakfast, and then he left, and it was so sad. It was so sad in fact, that I decided I should get back to studying and do a workout that literally left me sore until Friday. Β Tuesday and Wednesday I studied. On Wednesday I finished compiling my 16 pages of work for my one credit hour in representation in mediation, Thursday I took my negotiation exam, and Friday I spent all day having a play-date with my friend’s 1.5 year old. πŸ™‚ And in exchange she baked a fabulous owl-shaped cake for Kendra’s baby shower, which was on Saturday. Β (Pictures of crafts and Nancy’s baking are forthcoming. )

Friday night, we also had senior send off at ACTS, and that was really fun and sort of sad but mostly fun. πŸ™‚

Saturday was so busy and tiring but I think the baby shower turned out really nice and I hope Kendra really enjoyed it! After the shower, I met up with a classmate to get a table, then came home and promptly fell asleep from 3-5. When I woke up, my dad had texted me to ask me if I was alright. I was so confused… was there a reason I shouldn’t be alright? I called him to find out, and he said he had seen on the news that there was really bad weather in St. Louis. I looked out the window…. not even any rain.

So I told Dad the weather was fine. Hung up. Ten minutes later cue BASEBALL SIZED HAIL!

that was scary, but it passed quickly. And I spent the evening working on my Arbitration take home exam. I’m about halfway done.

So the goal is to get this take home exam finished today. Study commercial law tonight and monday. Take commercial law tuesday afternoon. And be DONE.


we’ll see if I can do it. Anyway, as Β you can see, I spent more time having fun during exam week 1 then I did studying. OOPS. πŸ™‚


MBA program: finished!

I just emailed in my last assignment for my last MBA course. I am officially done! (assuming, of course that I pass everything…not too worried about that ha ha)

Now I just have four law classes left for the rest of the semester.

New look, crazy weeks ahead

First, Jonathan said he has a cord that will let me upload my pics from my phone to my computer. Except it’s at his office, so he said he’ll bring it home today. So expect a barrage of picture posts tonight. πŸ™‚ (He thought he had a cord at home, but it turns out that was a.. mini-USB… and I have a micro-USB? Something like that?)

Second, my new ‘do is really cute! I love it! I never say I love my hair. But I love my hair! It’s a reddish brown now, I’ve got my bangs back, it’s just below chin length. The salon experience was awesome. I highly recommend Rumours Salon in St. Peters. My stylist was Michelle. I pulled a typical Sasha, and said that I don’t know what I want, I just want something interesting but pretty, and something that works with fine hair and a chubby face. Hahaha. She had great ideas, and I love how it turned out. I love that she didn’t just give me a 1-2 inch trim and feather the sides (which is what usually happens when I say that). And I love that she asked me, what limits I have on what she can do. (I didn’t have many limits, just not shorter than chin length and has to work with my hair type.)

Anyway, great, great experience.

Third, I have some closure/peace on the whole influence survey thing. I think everything is fine now. I spoke to the person, found out where their feelings were coming from. I think I am over it. Β Now I just need to finish writing about it for my influence reflection journal. Booooo.

Fourth, it’s Monday. and I hate Mondays. But hopefully today won’t be as bad. I’ve just got two more weeks before my schedule calms down. Then a week of a calm schedule. Then spring break. Then like 2 months of a calm schedule. Then exams. Then France. Then graduation. Then … bar review… OH NO. I won’t speak of that.


All in all, I may be stressed, but somehow I feel like I am going to survive!