#100HappyDays: Days 41-50

This post will take you to the halfway point of my #100HappyDays Journey… so without further ado..

Day 41
sasharoundtheclock Jonathan made this coffee cake today! #100happydays #allmypostsarefood

Day 41, April 15th:Jonathan continued using his new found freedom from work to make delicious food. This coffee cake was delightful!

Day 42
sasharoundtheclock Had a fun evening going to a networking event with my coworker & friend, La Nita! #100happydays

Day 42, April 16th: My coworker, La Nita, and I went to a networking event together and got to hear some great advice from CEOs in the area.

Day 43
sasharoundtheclock Happy world Malbec day!!! #100happydays #wine #wino

Day 43, April 17th: We finally got our schedules to work out and had dinner and game night with our friends, Beth and Sam. It also just happened to be World Malbec Day, and Malbec is my favorite wine, so it was a pretty fantastic evening!

Day 44
sasharoundtheclock Beautiful walk with my friend, Jamie.

Day 44, April 18th: So my friend, Jamie, and I decided to go for an afternoon hike while our hubbies played racquetball. Only neither of us really planned the route. Or paid attention to where we were going. Or where we parked. OOPS! We ended up lost and on an epic, multihour, 8 mile walk. And at around 8 miles, we got the hubbies to pick us up because we were still miles from the car. Oops! I told Jamie, “By the end of this hike, we will either be great friends, or not able to stand each other!” Well, we’re still friends 🙂

Day 45
sasharoundtheclock Fun night bowling with friends! #100happydays @picturecharity @brookecannon317 @carissaspeelman

Day 45, April 19th: We went bowling with our small group and had a blast!

Day 46
sasharoundtheclock Working from home, drinking coffee in my jammies and enjoying this mug that @sparkle__ninja gave me for vday last year! It’s so true, too! #100happydays #sisters

Day 46, April 20th: Somedays I don’t leave my house, and on those days I really learned to appreciate all that I have in my life, including: a job where I can work from home, a caffeine, and an awesome sister who gave me such a funny (and true!) present!

Day 47
sasharoundtheclock Can Henry and Jo just get together already?? #forever #100happydays
Comment: sparkle__ninja Then the show would have to end

Day 47, April 21st: I don’t usually copy over comments but I had to in this case. Mostly because what I didn’t know then was.. the show DID end ::wahwah:: So I was happy in April before I know that, but now I’m sad!!!!

Day 48

sasharoundtheclock I was having a bad day today, and right when I needed encouragement, @carissaspeelman sent this over! Thanks!! #100happydays #friends #encouragement

Day 48, April 22nd: It was as though Carissa just knew I needed to be uplifted. My phone literally dinged right when I was feeling really defeated. Love my friends!

Day 49

sasharoundtheclock Art therapy at work! We actually did this at our retreat yesterday but I was in a bad mood and didn’t get to appreciate it until later. #100happydays

Day 49, April 23rd: My job hosts annual, day-long retreats and I always find them to be really refreshing and rejuvenating! It was really fun to tap into my creative side and just craft for the day! The exercise we did involved just letting your mind empty and drawing lines and coloring, and then seeing if your subconscious reveals anything to you as you analyze it. Not sure what I saw in there but it was still fun. Anyone want to take a stab at psycho-analyzing me?

Day 50

sasharoundtheclock Excited for the show to begin!! #100happydays #gatewayopera

Day 50, April 24th: We absolutely loved attending the second season of Gateway Opera. I wrote a detailed review here: Gateway Opera: The Impressario but already can’t wait for season 3! What a fun date night.

Star Trek Joke

hubby: What is the preferred method of food storage in Star Trek?

Me: what? 

hubby: Kling-on wrap.

Me: Really??

Hubby: no….(looks sheepish)

Me: (realization dawning) Oh! It was a joke! Did you make it up yourself?

Hubby: Yeah, I saw the cling-wrap.

Me: Sorry… I don’t know anything about Star Trek so I thought you were being serious! 

Mid-Study Update

So, in preparation for the bar, I made Jonathan change my fb password. So no facebook until August, basically! It’s so hard! haha.

Anyway, that means my break time is sort of wide open, and I felt like blogging, so I am.

The pressure is really on! I really, really hope I pass! :/

Jonathan was awarded Associate of the Month for his crazy hard work lately. I’m super proud of him!

I really like organizing things. I’ve been using my free time to organize things lately.

Alot of fun things are happening once I take the bar, in that nebulous time between sitting for the bar and finding out if I passed. I’m going to visit Alysha in her new place in Kentucky!!! I think I’ve mentioned that she is starting GRAD SCHOOL in the fall! I am excited to get to be there to help her settle in and explore! I love exploring new places, and I love one on one time with my sis!
And I am going to go with my parents to Boston to see Saira (haven’t been there since Jan. of 08 for her wedding, so that will be fun!) I will also get a LOT of quality time with my parents on the drive there and back. I’m looking forward to it!

In September, we’ve got trips to Chicago, Lake of the Ozarks, and camping. And Nancy and I will also be throwing our friend Laurel a baby shower. We also have wine tasting and are signing up for a 10 K in October! So much fun planned!

I am trying to not worry about finding a job, because worrying at this stage will only make me… well.. worried.

I am also trying to not worry about friends feeling irritated at me for emailing them about camping so early!

I am also trying really hard to not worry about not passing the bar. Because that will not help at all. I feel like I am starting to worry about trivial things in order to help not worry about the big thing that I am worried about!

Okay, break time over. I guess I should get back to studying.

New look, crazy weeks ahead

First, Jonathan said he has a cord that will let me upload my pics from my phone to my computer. Except it’s at his office, so he said he’ll bring it home today. So expect a barrage of picture posts tonight. 🙂 (He thought he had a cord at home, but it turns out that was a.. mini-USB… and I have a micro-USB? Something like that?)

Second, my new ‘do is really cute! I love it! I never say I love my hair. But I love my hair! It’s a reddish brown now, I’ve got my bangs back, it’s just below chin length. The salon experience was awesome. I highly recommend Rumours Salon in St. Peters. My stylist was Michelle. I pulled a typical Sasha, and said that I don’t know what I want, I just want something interesting but pretty, and something that works with fine hair and a chubby face. Hahaha. She had great ideas, and I love how it turned out. I love that she didn’t just give me a 1-2 inch trim and feather the sides (which is what usually happens when I say that). And I love that she asked me, what limits I have on what she can do. (I didn’t have many limits, just not shorter than chin length and has to work with my hair type.)

Anyway, great, great experience.

Third, I have some closure/peace on the whole influence survey thing. I think everything is fine now. I spoke to the person, found out where their feelings were coming from. I think I am over it.  Now I just need to finish writing about it for my influence reflection journal. Booooo.

Fourth, it’s Monday. and I hate Mondays. But hopefully today won’t be as bad. I’ve just got two more weeks before my schedule calms down. Then a week of a calm schedule. Then spring break. Then like 2 months of a calm schedule. Then exams. Then France. Then graduation. Then … bar review… OH NO. I won’t speak of that.


All in all, I may be stressed, but somehow I feel like I am going to survive!


Today was fabulous + NaBloPoMo January Wrap Up

Last post for the NaBloPoMo January challenge!  I did a pretty good job. According to my little calendar, I missed the 14th, the 27th and the 29th.  The 27th stank because I did write one before I went to bed… but it was technically after midnight. Boo!  So I wrote twice on the 28th.


I legit missed the 14th and 29th. (oh, and the first. I started late.)


But this journey has been really fun and a really great experience. I feel like I’ve found my voice a little bit and had a good time doing it. I also got some rando followers. I’ve always wanted rando followers!  If you are one of aforementioned rando followers.. welcome!  And I encourage you to take this chance to introduce yourself to us in the comments!  If I think you’re interesting or cool, I’ll add you to my blog reader, and MAYBE even to my blogroll!

(Since there is.. you know.. just one person in my blogroll. I don’t want to add people to that who don’t want to be added to it! )

Here are a few things I noticed:

1. The smileys look really unprofessional, but I love them and can’t seem to stop using them

2. I like multi-topical subject lines, and tend to put my subjects in the wrong order. As you can see, I’m doing my wrap up before I get to my summary of today.

3. Holy moly, I can italicize things! Expect a decreased frequency of inappropriately used ALL CAPS starting now.

4. I like writing in my blog 🙂


So, I don’t know if I will keep writing as frequently, or slow down a bit. I would bet slow down a bit 😉  but  I will do my best to keep posting interesting deals and tidbits!


Now, for my wrap up of today:

Ways today was awesome:

1. played a little hookie in order to catch up on some work, and got to gchat with friends in the process

2. Actually got a little down time and watched Hart of Dixie

3. Won 5 dollars in my Negotiation class

4. Heard  a funny story about someone who is no longer a friend

5. Excited about France

6. The lovely Lauren introduced and treated me to the DUC salad bar and it was fabulous!  Citrus vinegar? Why did I not know this existed?

7. Got to talk about Grey’s Anatomy (alternate universe episode this Thurs!) with Alysha

8.  Made it home before 9 pm and am typing this while watching my bunny be cute



Anyway, it’s been a good day. Now to write a memo and get to bed because I have a work out date with Nancy at 5:45.. AM!

Fun with friends

Last night we spent a wonderful evening having a game night with friends. Ben and Laurel are in town for the holidays and Nancy and Louis invited us all over. Nancy prepared a delicious and healthy meal for us all, and Laurel brought the most interesting dessert. It had grapes, yogurt, and butterfingers and was surprisingly good! I’d write about all the funny things that happened as a result of playing Loaded Questions but I am sure they would make no sense put of context and with out Louis’s mint chocolate martinis! So instead here are some pictures.


Jonathan and Ben


Owen, Nancy and Laurel


Laurel and myself


Jonathan and Owen

First weight loss goal reached!

I officially reached my first goal on WW… I’ve lost five lbs! It’s exciting!  I also was able to put another pair of pants back into my wardrobe rotation…. they haven’t fit me since last spring,  and I wore them again last night! so that was also exciting!  My next goal is 10 lbs, and then my 10% goal, and then 20 lbs and then my final weight goal. So here is hoping I can keep making progress!


in other news, I’m about to go take my first exam of the season! After that, I just have a group paper, two take homes, and one more in class exam to get through in the next week! Plus crafting this afternoon  as a stress relief (I always give myself the afternoon after an exam off if I can. And I think I can because I have all day tomorrow to study study study!)

And… a Christmas party, a Birthday party, and seeing the Christmas lights at the park.  Super busy! 🙂



Car Maintenance and McDonald’s

So I’m a good steward of my car, I take it to the dealership regularly for its scheduled maintenance. I take it to the dealership because I like to just waste extra money that Jonathan and I have… no just kidding. I take it there because our warranty requires that… how convenient.

Except it’s not convenient at all. The dealership is 45 minutes away (an hour if you get stuck in traffic.)

So I get to the dealership at 7:59 for my 8:00 am appointment. I’m a good little law student, I’ve packed a stack of notes that need to be typed up. I figure that should entertain me for an hour and then I can surf the web for thirty or so minutes and be done.


No, no. This service is going to take 3-5 hours. Really?  REALLY?  You couldn’t have warned me?  If you had warned me I would have brought an arsenal of study materials.  And snacks. healthy snacks.

Nope. No warning. And I was hungry. And now cranky.  And super, super irritated.

so here I am, sitting at the McDonald’s, and logging into weight watchers.  HOW IDIOTIC.

Oh well. Atleast it’s delicious. I know I’ll regret it for the rest of the day.

Of course, I will be so frantic from getting so far behind on my exam study schedule that I probably won’t even think about eating for the rest of the day anyway 😛

Lazy Day Saturday

Yesterday, I didn’t leave the house.

I didn’t brush my hair.

I didn’t shower.

I didn’t even change out of my pajamas.


I had the ultimate lazy day.


okay, okay, I still did homework. I still studied. I still picked up the house.


played ddr

watched tv

ate food that is terrible for me

read cosmo magazine

and basically lounged.


If you know me, you have to know how fabulous this was.  🙂

And it was totally guilt-free lounging too, which is the best!

Regional/Seasonal Sodas

I have this tendency to fall in love with soft drinks that are sold regionally or seasonally or just do not last.

This started when I was kid, and my mom bought a bottle of Crystal Pepsi. Here’s a commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tign09D5IgE

Now, do not ask me why I liked it so much. We didn’t drink soda at home often, so I didn’t have much to compare it to. But I loved it. And then it went off the market.

I also loved Barq’s Red Cream Soda… which I randomly find in random little restaurants on fountain, but can almost never find in store.

When I was 13, we went to Pakistan and I got to taste Pakola, which I can sometimes find in Indian grocery stores.

And of course, going to USC (south carolina.. in case you thought for a second that I would ever live in California.. hah)  I became familiar with Cheerwine.. a delicious cherry flavored soft drink.

I also enjoy the cranberry flavors that come out around Christmas.

Anyway, there isn’t much point to this post except since I love things I can never find, I frequently have cravings for things that I can not get.

Unless I post about it on facebook and someone who loves me sees that post and send me 22 lbs of cheerwine via UPS. (Yes. This is a true story. It was like a magic fairy appeared and granted my wish! And by magic fairy, I mean older sister.)


Thanks, Saira! 🙂


Anyone else have something that’s hard to find that they love?