Today was fabulous + NaBloPoMo January Wrap Up

Last post for the NaBloPoMo January challenge!  I did a pretty good job. According to my little calendar, I missed the 14th, the 27th and the 29th.  The 27th stank because I did write one before I went to bed… but it was technically after midnight. Boo!  So I wrote twice on the 28th.


I legit missed the 14th and 29th. (oh, and the first. I started late.)


But this journey has been really fun and a really great experience. I feel like I’ve found my voice a little bit and had a good time doing it. I also got some rando followers. I’ve always wanted rando followers!  If you are one of aforementioned rando followers.. welcome!  And I encourage you to take this chance to introduce yourself to us in the comments!  If I think you’re interesting or cool, I’ll add you to my blog reader, and MAYBE even to my blogroll!

(Since there is.. you know.. just one person in my blogroll. I don’t want to add people to that who don’t want to be added to it! )

Here are a few things I noticed:

1. The smileys look really unprofessional, but I love them and can’t seem to stop using them

2. I like multi-topical subject lines, and tend to put my subjects in the wrong order. As you can see, I’m doing my wrap up before I get to my summary of today.

3. Holy moly, I can italicize things! Expect a decreased frequency of inappropriately used ALL CAPS starting now.

4. I like writing in my blog 🙂


So, I don’t know if I will keep writing as frequently, or slow down a bit. I would bet slow down a bit 😉  but  I will do my best to keep posting interesting deals and tidbits!


Now, for my wrap up of today:

Ways today was awesome:

1. played a little hookie in order to catch up on some work, and got to gchat with friends in the process

2. Actually got a little down time and watched Hart of Dixie

3. Won 5 dollars in my Negotiation class

4. Heard  a funny story about someone who is no longer a friend

5. Excited about France

6. The lovely Lauren introduced and treated me to the DUC salad bar and it was fabulous!  Citrus vinegar? Why did I not know this existed?

7. Got to talk about Grey’s Anatomy (alternate universe episode this Thurs!) with Alysha

8.  Made it home before 9 pm and am typing this while watching my bunny be cute



Anyway, it’s been a good day. Now to write a memo and get to bed because I have a work out date with Nancy at 5:45.. AM!

Day 6…

I don’t know if I wrote about this before or not, because I am basically a zombie. This is the longest week of my life. I have 11 days straight with no days off due to a weekend class. This is day six. I don’t know how I’ll survive.

The caffeine pills were starting to make me feel sick so I’m going to skip them today and tomorrow and see how that goes. (I definitely need them Monday, because Monday I have class from 9-10, 10-1, 1-2:30, group meeting from 2:30-4, class again from 4-5:30, group meeting again from 5:30-whenever we finish… as you can see that doesn’t give me much of a chance to rest, eat, or get any homework done.)

life of a grad student, right?

I am totally wiped. And yes, I acknowledge that staying up late to watch the last chuck ever was a bad idea. because now i am sleepy AND dissatisfied. Shannon, I hope you’re right and I hope the DVD has some bonus scenes!!!

Anyway, I have to leave for class in 30 minutes, so I better hit the shower and try to wake my old worn out self up!


ETA: from an artistic standpoint, I actually thought they did a really nice job with the end of Chuck.  They reused old sets, did an appropriate amount of heart tugging flashbacks, and tied it all back together but still had a plot for the last episode.

However, I’m a mushy gushy girl and I want to know for sure that Sarah remembers Chuck, they are definitely still in love, and live happily ever after to have ass-kicking nerdy babies.


That is all.


Real conversation from today:
 Alysha:  lmao
just don’t talk about nsync/bsb
 me:  you are tearing up my heart
but i want it that way
i hope you get my joke
 Alysha:  i got it
 Alysha:  …unfortunately
This one time, I was at FYE with my sister. And she was taking forever and I was super bored. So I loudly started proclaiming my love for Nsync. And the backstreet boys. Mind you, this was several years after they fell off the face of the planet (except for Justin Timberlake, and in Japan.)
So it was super embarrassing.
If you didn’t get my joke in the above chat… tearing up my heart, I want it that way, and everybody(backstreet’s back) are Nsync and Backstreet Boys songs.

Two Product Recommendations

So, I have been super beyond impressed with two products recently.

1. Yes To Cucumbers Facial Wipes

I bought a travel pack of these at Target and absolutely LOVE them! They take my make up off, while gently soothing my skin and keeping it feeling moist and refreshed.  I highly recommend them. If you sign up for the Yes to Carrots email, you can get a 5% off code.

2.Weight watchers creamy popsicles

These little babies are only 3 points, gigantic, and delicious! They are more delicious than many popsicles I’ve had that were full fat.  And they are so big! I can not finish one faster than in fifteen minutes. And that’s trying to eat it fast! I highly recommend it! I found these at my local grocery store.  

Things I learn in school….

1. There are more honors kids in India than there are total kids in the U.S.

2. By the time you finish a 4 year degree, half of what you have learned is obsolete (more true the more technology-based your degree is)

3.  Never turn your back to your audience during a presentation.

4.  Checks are way more complicated than I ever realized and I have probably exposed myself to revocation of provisional funds risk numerous times.

5.  People care about brand names of cement.


It’s been a really exciting two days over here, if you can’t tell.  I feel like I am filling my brain with more random information that isn’t actually getting me anywhere closer to a career.

Ah well. Time to go write an arbitration agreement clause.

De Palme Tree Restaurant Review


A few nights ago, Jonathan and I went to De Palme Tree on Olive Road. We had a Groupon, so it was a great chance to try out this Jamaican restaurant. We were really excited because we honey mooned in Jamaica and we were hoping the food would bring back some great memories. We were not disappointed!

So here is my formal review of our experience: (Jonathan, feel free to chime in in the comments if you disagree with anything!)

Food:  Overall, I give it a 3.5/5. If I broke it out based on the different dishes we ordered, I’d give the appetizer sampler (with wings, patties, and fried plantains) a 5. The appetizers were really delicious and I felt like they were really true to atleast our experience of Jamaican cuisine. The main dish we ordered, jerk chicken, I found to be disappointing, and I’d give it a 2. There wasn’t a lot of flavor on the chicken, it just tasted charred and slightly seasons. I also did not enjoy the rice, although Jonathan did.  I’d give the desserts a 3… the rum fritters were pretty good and the rum cake was pretty not good in my opinion.

Beverages: 5/5. They had authentic Jamaican sodas, and we really enjoyed that!  I enjoyed it so much, that I took a picture  (shown below)

Atmosphere: 4/5. (When I rate atmosphere, I try to take into account what kind of place it is. So obviously a fine dining restaurant who gets a 4 is going to have a much nicer atmosphere than a casual sit down restaurant. )  The decor was nice, though the restaurant was a bit small and cramped. Every table basically got cold drafts every time the door was open. But for the size of the restaurant, I thought it had a really pleasant, clean, and enjoyable feel.

Service: 4/5. Service was slow, but incredibly friendly and looked after our needs.

Bathrooms: (Yes, I think this is an important enough category to include) 3.5/5. It was somewhat awkward to have to go through the kitchen to get to the bathroom. But it was incredibly clean!

Value for Price: 3.5/5. If I went back, I would definitely stick to the appetizers, which I thought were really fairly priced. The entree we ordered was a good amount of food for the price, though the taste was a bit lacking in my opinion.  The desserts were also fairly priced.

Overall, it was a good experience and we’ll probably go back. I’d give my experience an overall rating of 3.5/5.





Ten Lb Milestone!

I have officially lost ten lbs since I started Weight Watchers at the end of August.  Okay, so the rate of loss is a little slower than I had hoped, but getting my “additional 5 lbs lost” (aka ten lbs lost) mile marker felt so rewarding! Even if I am losing slowly, I am gradually getting healthier and reaching my goal!

I also have been eating regularly all week, so I feel good about this week’s weigh in… The last two weeks I kind of wondered if my weight would sky rocket back up once I wasn’t feeling sick anymore. But it hasn’t! I also got back into working out… I did an hour of indoor biking on Thurs, then I had a half hour weight training session + 15 minutes cardio to warm up on Friday, and yesterday Jonathan and I went to a spinning class.


Now comes the hard part… eating right and exercising during the longest week of my life. I have class for 11 days solid with no days off because I have a weekend class next week.  AHHHHH. The weight loss contest with my friends ends a week from today, and this week could really blow it because I don’t know how I’ll find time to work out. Jonathan is going to try to keep me stocked up with healthy meals and snacks that  I can take to school with me so that I’m not tempted to hit the school cafeteria which is unhealthy and expensive!

So… wish me luck during hell week! 🙂 (and just that I’ll survive.. you know.)

Lunar New Year + Icy Roads

Yesterday, the law school had a Lunar New Year happy hour, and it was great fun! As you can see below, they had Chinese lion dances, fan dancers, and drummers! They also had delicious food!





The pictures aren’t fabulous, but the performances were pretty neat. After that, we went to ACTS Friday, and hung out, which was also great fun.  But being out late meant.. icy roads! Actually, on the way to the happy hour, it was raining and the rain would hit my windshield, and then start building up as ice at the bottom and sides of my windshield. I have never seen that happen before.

The roads were also getting icy, so we ended up stuck in a lot of traffic because accidents shut down the main road. That was really irritating.

So, St. Louis, salt your roads!

Deal Round Up

I’ve got two deals for you :

Free Bath and Body Works Pink Chiffon Lotion (valid til 1/22) 

Land’s End Cowlneck Sweater: $8.50 

hope you guys enjoy those! 🙂


Grey’s Anatomy + Work Out time

So I worked out for the first time in nearly two weeks.  The last time I worked out was a spinning class on January 7th.  I got sick January 9th, and I finally felt good enough to work out. (Actually, I was supposed to work out this morning, but I just forgot. 🙁  Thankfully, my friend Nancy was very forgiving and didn’t seem too mad at me.

So tonight I decided to motivate myself by employing an old trick from college… I went to the gym when a favorite show was  on (Grey’s Anatomy) and did a full hour work out.

I feel awesome! I am so glad I did that!

Now for my comments on Grey’s Anatomy… can I just say I have been waiting for Hunt to flip out about Cristina’s abortion. I knew he couldn’t be so understanding forever. I understand Teddy’s work-a-holic way of dealing with her grief. I loved Meredith’s “Yay Zola” cake. Anyway, I am much less mad this week than last week!  If you saw the previews.. I am really excited about an alternate universe Grey’s! Can’t wait to see Lexie as a dread-locked bum!

On a total side note, grades from last semester are in and my semester average was higher than my GPA… so that’s always a good thing! 🙂