The value of being average.

I’m going to put something out there, and I’m really being quite serious so please don’t try to argue with me to make me feel better. That’s my disclaimer.


In the great big world of fabulous people, I’m not all that smart. I’m not all that pretty. I’m not very good at any sports and nobody would ever call me athletic. I lose at most games. I have bad handwriting. I am not very skilled at any particular hobby or interest.  You can’t call me an artist or a musician or a techie or a trekkie or anything really.  I have nothing of that sort that defines me, and I don’t really excel at pretty much anything.

For a very long time, I thought that meant that I was worthless. So I pushed and pushed and tried and tried to find something that I can do better than others.

What I can do better than others is just be me. And tell awkward jokes that people still laugh at. Try my best to be a thoughtful and caring family member and friend.  Wear funny hats and get really excited about movies that star Channing Tatum or Zac Efron. Dream about vacations and travel plans and take silly pictures of my bunny. Buy ridiculous shoes and be unafraid to wear them. Start shopping for Christmas in July. Love eating breakfast at any time of the day. Watch reruns of The OC on soapnet even though I have all four seasons on dvd right next to me, and still hold my breath right before Summer kisses Seth. Make lots and lots and lots of lists. Be a really not-sore loser and play games with excitement and enthusiasm. Go for walks in the park and drive with the windows down when its cold just to get fresh air. Make sandwiches shaped like dinos. Embarrass Alysha in the middle of the mall. Paint my nails a rainbow of red, green, gold, and sparkles for Christmas.  Do I need to go on?

Who else does that better than me?

Not everyone can be extraordinary. But nobody can be you better than you.

I sometimes think about my friends and all of their talents and skills, and I sometimes wonder if they ever feel the way I feel. Then I think, that is absolutely impossible because they are so wonderful! It’s harder to see your own good qualities than someone else’s.

So, if you want, comment with one thing you appreciate about me, and I’ll comment back with one thing I appreciate about you.


Lazy Day Saturday

Yesterday, I didn’t leave the house.

I didn’t brush my hair.

I didn’t shower.

I didn’t even change out of my pajamas.


I had the ultimate lazy day.


okay, okay, I still did homework. I still studied. I still picked up the house.


played ddr

watched tv

ate food that is terrible for me

read cosmo magazine

and basically lounged.


If you know me, you have to know how fabulous this was.  🙂

And it was totally guilt-free lounging too, which is the best!


Article on today’s date

So what do y’all think? Is something awesome happening today? Is something terrible happening today?

Does anyone make a wish when you catch the clock at 11:11? I know a lot of people who do that.

It’s also a line in a Something Corporate song…..


Even if I don’t buy into the superstition, it is kind of cool! 🙂