#100HappyDays: Days 51-60

Day 51

 Love this pic of my sweet friends, @brookecannon317 and@picturecharity ! Both ladies have something to celebrate – it’s Charity’s birthday and Brooke’s official moving into get house day! Love that they match, too!#twinsies #100happydays

Day 51, April 25th: Our sweet friends, Brooke and Darren, moved into their first home! We all got together to help them move and Charity and Brooke were adorable as accidental twins! This was also Charity’s birthday, so after an afternoon siesta, we regrouped for dinner, drinks and laser tag! 


Day 52

We were so happy to finally meet this sweet girl! Congratulations,@ktkend ! #100happydays

Day 52, April 26th: We finally got to meet sweet Annie, Katie and Jared’s new addition to their family. We could have held her all day if they had let us 😉 

Day 53

 Leftover rainbow cake from a birthday party for a friend last night. Yum! #100happydays #food #bakedgoods

Day 53, April 27th: This weekend was so busy. Saturday (Day 51) was also our friend, Jamie’s, birthday, but the day was already so packed with moving Brooke and Darren, and Charity’s birthday party, that Jamie didn’t plan anything to celebrate her birthday. So… we threw her a bit of a surprise birthday on Sunday (Day 52), and I made this rainbow cake inspired by her fun, energetic personality!  I was eating the leftovers on Day 53, hence this instagram post. 


Day 54

 My “I just finished a contract with great savings so now I am going to go drink wine” face.#100happydays #work #negotiatinglikeaboss

Day 54, April 28th: Finishing a contract is always cause for celebration!  Good thing we had a Groupon to do a tasting at Garland Wines. By the way, Craig was awesome, we fell in love with this shop, and I basically never want to by bottles of wine in Saint Louis anywhere else. Except, of course, some 3 buck chuck from Schnuck’s in an emergency. But, really, this wine store is SO CUTE and the staff is incredibly helpful. They also do classes and free tasting events there. Who’s interested? 🙂 




Day 55

Shhhh it’s a surprise!! Finished product to come later!#100happydays #sewing

Day 55, April 29th: Ahhh the mystery craft post… don’t worry, you won’t have to wait long because here it is: 

Day 56

 Here’s the final project!!! Placemats! #100happydays #sewing

Day 56, April 30th: These are the placemats I made for my mom for Mother’s Day! They were super simple and I am working on a tutorial to post to teach y’all how to do it! 

Day 57

Days like today with the azaleas in full bloom remind me why I love my house! #100happydays

Day 57, May 1:  Ahh I love when the azaleas bloom! I took this picture as I was packing up the car to go drive to Ohio to start the Epic Adventure. May first, Jonathan and I drove from Saint Louis to ohio. 

Day 58

Maryland is beautiful!#100happydays #bestieroadtrip

Day 58, May 2: And on May 2nd, Alysha and I drove from Ohio to Baltimore! She needed her car there from when we returned from our vacation (see next photo….) so she could start her BRAND NEW JOB! 

Day 59

Headed to Australia!!#100happydays

Day 59, May 3rd: And on May 3rd, Alysha and I flew from Baltimore to LAX, to BRISBANE! Mom and Dad flew from Dayton to LAX and met us there and we started our family trip to AUSTRALIA!!! 


Day 60

Waiting for the Kuranda Scenic Railway on our#AussieVacay2015! #100happydays#sistersinaustralia

Day 60, May 6th: Okay,  so this is sort of sketchy. What happened to May 4th and 5th?? Well, when you fly to Australia, you literally lose an entire day. So that explains May 4th. We landed in the morning of May 5th, and honestly, it felt like one hella long day to me, starting with when we left Baltimore the morning of May 3rd and ending when I went to bed in a BED in Cairns on May 5th. So, I didn’t do a post. Because my poor brain did not really figure out that TWO DAYS disappeared. 🙂  But on May 6th, we had our first tourist excursion in Australia! We rode the Kuranda Scenic Railway. We did tons of other things, but there will be a super long Australia post as soon as Alysha send me ALL the pictures. 


Anyway, be prepared. The next 10 days are ALL AUSTRALIA, ALL THE TIME. Can’t wait to write that post. 🙂

#100 Happy Days: Days 21-30

Day 21

New ‘do!!! Love it! #100happydays #salondechriste#beauty #hair

Day 21, March 26th: I saw Brandi at Salon De Christe. She never, ever disappoints. I loved my cut and color!

Day 22


Enjoying time with these ladies! @picturecharity@carissaspeelman #100happydays

Day 22, March 27th: We had friends over, and I enjoyed spending time with these amazing ladies!

Day 24

Having a hilarious time with these great friends!!!#100happydays #friends #doubledatenight

Day 23, March 28th: Someone refused to make a silly face — can you tell who? We had an amazing double date night with our sweet friends, Nancy and Louis. We started with dinner at Sidney Street Cafe, and then went back to their place for games. I was so glad we had an opportunity to relax and have fun with them before their move to Chicago!

Day 25


So proud of my husband for taking a risk and quitting his job! Sending him off on a cycling trip with his buddy to celebrate! I got him that shirt for our anniversary, haha. #100happydays #hubby #cycling

Day 24, March 29th: With both Louis and Jonathan unemployed, the boys decided to go off on a cycling trip. Jonathan quit his job in order to pursue learning some new programming skills and I am really proud of him for being brave enough to try something new, and I am so glad that I am able to support him since he’s been so supportive of me through school and my job!


Day 26

Dinner date with @whelmingflood !! Love this great friend so much!! #100happydays

Day 25, March 30th: My great friend, Beth, kept me company while Jonathan was out of town. We both love trying new and interesting restaurant, so on that day, we tried Layla, and absolutely loved it!  The gooey butter baklava was out of this world!

Day 27


Guess who is going to be an Aunt again?? So excited for my sister-in-law and her family! #100happydays

Day 26, March 31st: My sister-in-law, Monika, announced (officially, and adorably) on Facebook that she is pregnant again! I absolutely LOVE being an aunt and I am so excited for her family!

Day 28

Bonus! My boss brought me Starbucks. Yum!!#100happydays

Day 27, April 1st: My boss loves me. Yum. Caramel macchiato.

Day 29

Look what I won at the work Easter egg hunt!#100happydays #easter #chocolatebunny

Day 28, April 2nd: Another makes-me-fat day at work 😉  We had an Easter egg hunt, and inside each Easter egg was a number that could be traded in for a prize. Mine was this chocolate bunny, filled with cookie dough… yummm.

Day 30

So full and so happy! #100happydays #celebritychefs#vegas #b&bristorante #food

Day 29, April 3rd: So, on April 2nd, we also flew out to Vegas! Our second day in Sin City, we had a dinner that really felt sinful!  We are at B & B Ristorante, owned by celebrity chefs Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich.  This was probably the best dinner of my lifetime. Every course was delicious, the service was impeccable. I could not ask for more from a dining experience!

Day 30


The sun was bright so we had some struggles not squinting, but we are having a fun day today!#100happydays #vegas

Day 30, April 4th: We went on a tour to Hoover Dam, and on the way we had a quick photo stop at the iconic Las Vegas sign. The tour was really cool and interesting, and I have more photos from Vegas and the tour, but this was my “happy day” shot because the sign was cool and I loved that we captured the fun of our vacation!

Travel Updates

I have been having a BLAST traveling as much as I have!

So my last post came from Lexington, KY, where I was visiting the baby sister.

Then I came home to STL for a week, and Jonathan’s little brother was visiting us. We had a blast spending time with him! He was super helpful and helped me reorganize the kitchen. Jonathan got to have a great 8-person halo guys’ night, and I hear the guys had a great time!

Then last Monday, Curtis kept me company on the long(LOL) drive to Centerville. It felt long, but was nothing compared to the 14 hour drive to Boston!

I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday enjoying Centerville, my parents, old friends, and Alysha even showed up for a night! Ooohhh nostalgia! I love coming home!

Then on Thursday, we drove to Boston, which was a super long drive! Alysha had a dream that I lost my legs (WHAT?) in a car accident, so my dad drove nearly the entire way super carefully to make sure I arrived with all my limbs. LOL! Saira cooked us dinner on Thursday night. On Friday, we went to Salem and saw a witchcraft museum and walked along the water. Saturday, we bought a bunch of weird fruits and had a smorgasbord of random foods for lunch. Then we went to a restaurant called Oleana (http://oleanarestaurant.com/) where I had the best dessert of my life. On Sunday, I met up with an old friend and we went out to deer island and saw the USS Constitution sail. Then in the evening, we had a lovely Pakistani dinner to celebrate Eid, and then Saira and I played Dominion.

Monday, we made the long drive home. Today, I just sort of hung out. 🙂 Mom and I made samosas together, which was really fun!

Tomorrow, my friend, Randal, and I are going on a mini road trip. We’re driving up to Akron to see Hilary tomorrow, and then on Thurs we’ll go to Cleveland to see Nicole, and we’ll come back on Friday.

Anyway, that is sort of the short run down of my travels. I am having an ABSOLUTE BLAST! 🙂 It is so much fun to see family and friends.

Life is good. 🙂

But I am also looking forward to getting back home and into some sort of routine…(YEAH RIGHT!)

I’ll try to take and post more pictures, haha. That would make updates much more interesting!

I had the best days, with you :)

First, the song that’s been in my head as I’ve been thinking of the last ten-ish days…

The song is about her mom, but it’s a super cute song about her childhood, and she keeps repeating “I had the best days, with you.” I love it and I want to use it for a project for my momma for mother’s day one day. But it just generally makes me nostalgic for my childhood. So it also makes me think of my baby sister. 🙂

We have had SO MUCH FUN together! I am so glad I was able to take over a week and just hang out. No gigantic plans, just spending time together.

What did we do? Let’s see. We cooked together. We worked out together. We watched a lot of Olympics and viggled together. We each got sick (whyyyy does this always happen to us??) and took care of each other. We went to the outlet mall… twice! We shopped together. We did face masks together and tried new make up together. We found the Lexington public library and got books. We went to the movies. We went to the Kentucky Horse Park, and it was magically free on the day we decided to go and we got free hats! We went wine tasting together. We spent a bunch of time at the Whole Foods together, LOL! We had car rides and sing alongs and I got Alysha hooked on Jane by Design and we started a marathon.

I couldn’t ask for a better week. 🙂

We bumped heads a little too, and I was reflecting on that a bit this morning. I really think it has a lot to do with the fact that I am having trouble accepting that my baby sister is not my baby sister anymore. She is a smart, independent young lady who doesn’t really need her big sister the way she used to.

Is this how parents feel? heartwrenching. haha. But I can say I am super proud of the woman my sister has grown up into. 🙂 And I will ALWAYS call her my baby sister.

(And I’d like to take a little credit, too 😉 )

Anyway, it’s 9:17. I’m going to wake up the sleepy head and spend a few more hours with her before I head back to the Lou. 🙂

Post-Bar Transiency

Transiency: n. The state or quality of being transient.
Transient: n. a person who is staying or working in a place for only a short time

So, the bar is over. It’s over, it’s done with. I either passed or I failed but it’s completely out of my hands at this point. My exam is off in the shadowy world of bar examiners, and in mid-September I will know if I managed to score enough points to call myself esquire.

So, worrying? No point. There is no point in worrying about things that you can not change. So, instead of worrying, I am going to enjoy this freedom.

I say freedom because, as my dear husband pointed out to me today, for the first time in my memory, I have no current obligations and no cloud of future obligations hanging over my head. I am completely free in this moment.

There are no summer assignments. no summer internships. no preparing for classes, no buying books. In my future is a hazy, indistinguishable, unknown blur. I can’t really embark on any undertakings until I know if I passed or not. I can’t plan, I can’t prepare.

So I am going to be transient for a little while. I am looking at August and September like two months to visit family and friends.

And I consider this period to start now. Even though I’m home at the moment. Because, a few minutes ago, I was not home. I was in transit from Jeff City to home. And I don’t intend to remain home for more than a day and a half.

What am I doing with my transiency? I am seeing the baby sister. I am seeing the big sister. I am seeing the parents and the friends back home. I am going back to see the baby sister for family weekend at EKU. I am going to Chicago with friends. I am camping. I am going to Lake of the Ozarks to stay in Jonathan’s company’s corporate condo.

I am doing many transient things. I will be here sometimes. I will be there sometimes. Who knows where I will be at other times.

Okay, so some of those transient plans are already planned for after I will know whether I passed or not, but after I know whether I passed or not, I only have two weekend trips planned, and other than that, I will be here. Figuring out my future.

But for now, the future is uncertain and so are my plans!

It’s freeing and terrifying and crazy and scary.

And sort of really cool that I get to go spend large chunks of time with my family during this transient time without worrying about days off or bosses or anything like that. I know that’s in my future somewhere 😉

Anyway, my first adventure begins Friday, and I will be headed to Lexington, Kentucky to see Alysha! AND I CAN’T WAIT! 🙂

Spring Break Recap

So, something is wrong with me and I took NO pictures!! WHAAAT? And this post is way over due because I sort of forgot I have a blog for a bit. OOPSY! Anyway.

I had an awesome time in Ohio for spring break! I hung out with my lil sis, and we had adventures (of course!)

Among the fabulous things we did:

– Movies:  21 Jump Street and The Lorax

– Mani/Pedis… gel polish is fabulous!

– Shopping: at the outlet mall, at target, on the web!

– FOOD! We had chinese, italian, pizza…. and Jeni’s Ice cream!!! I highly, highly recommend it! http://www.jenisicecreams.com/ they ship to all 50 states. SO DELICIOUS and so many unique flavors!

– TV! Alysha got me addicted to Haven, which is a scifi show. Im usually not a huge sci fi person, but this show is awesome! I highly recommend it, as well!

We also went to Centerville to celebrate Daddy’s birthday, which was really fun and really nice. We even got him to play Apples to Apples, which was hilarious!

Anyway, it was a fab spring break and now I miss my fam 🙁 Good thing I’ll see them in May when I graduate!!!!!!!!


Thanks, Alysha, for having me all that week!!!!! You Rock!!!


Also, I had intended to tell my favorite Alysha story for St. Patty’s Day, but I was so busy taking the ethics section of the bar that I forgot 🙁  Guess it will have to wait until next year… wahahahahaha!


A little bit of Magic aka… happy graduation to ME!

A brief background… for the last three to four years, Jonathan and I have been dreaming of biking the french countryside.

We wanted to book a tour through an actual company who would shuttle our luggage from place to place for us, provide convenient bike routes, and book all of our hotels. Basically, we wanted it to be as stress-less as possible. Because if you’ve met me, and I plan the itinerary, it becomes very, very packed and very,very scheduled. (Cough cough.. any family members remember the 6 am start times on our Phoenix trip?)

Anyway, we found a tour we loved. And have been saving for a few years now, also.

And then plane tickets went up. And then the money we had saved and invested tanked. And we decided we should be responsible and not go.

And then the magic happened. Plane tickets plummeted. My investment went up. All of the sudden financial synergy occurred.

We. Have. Booked. Flights.



Now Jonathan just needs to find his passport… ahem. ahem.


Also.. time to seriously increase my biking training. SERIOUSLY!!!!






Mine, that is!

I had a really fun several days of celebrating! I already wrote about the really great party Jonathan threw me on Thursday…

So on Friday I turned in my paper, took my exam, met with Melissa for lunch at Houlihans (free entree for my birthday!), went shopping, worked out, came home, packed for our trip, and then started my accounting exam…


Finished around 3:30 am, decided to clean the kitchen, went to bed at 4:30. The alarm went off at 5, but Jonathan let me sleep until around 5:45 while he loaded the car.

We then drove to Ohio, and I spent the afternoon finishing my Christmas shopping with Mom… although we maybe ended up getting more stuff for me than I ended up getting for other people! Oops! 🙂 Then Mom and I went out for a deliciously amazing dinner at a french restaurant in town! It was amazing. The scallops were absolutely perfect, served over leaks and thin slices of potato with a blood orange beurre noisette (brown butter).  I highly recommend Rue Dumaine in Centerville, OH, just for the record. Food is amazing, service is amazing, atmosphere is pretty good. 🙂  Thanks, Mom! 🙂

After dinner, Jonathan and I met up with some high school friends which was also great. Then this morning we hit the road for Hershey, Pa. My college roommate from senior year is getting married, so we are here for the wedding tomorrow.

Anyway, it’s been a busy few days, but between the party, dinner with Mom, great friends, time with Jonathan, and all of the calls, messages, texts, and fb messages, it has been a really wonderful birthday!

26 doesn’t feel much different than 25, except I am starting to feel a little bit like..”where have the last four years gone??”

I guess grad school will do that to you! 😉



Turkey Day… is on it’s way!

Holidays have become more and more anticlimactic for me. Thanksgiving is a time of intense studying.. or complete procrastination and irresponsible decision making ( ..like.. I don’t know… going to Sweden for Thanksgiving to see my little sister.)


Yeah. Last year was awesome and I got to see my sister! But on the other hand, I was soooooo behind when it came to school work. So this year, I’m studying.


But, I still love thinking about holidays and festivities. so bring me some Thanksgiving cheer and tell me about a favorite dish, tradition, or something weird/interesting/cool your family does to celebrate! Bonus points if you have a recipe to share! 


As for me, my family is a bit quirky. My sisters have both been on and off vegetarians(though never at the same time!), so one year we made a Tofurkey… that was a disaster! And actually, my older sister hasn’t been home for Thanksgiving since before I graduated undergrad. Since I went to grad school, neither have I and now that I’m realizing that, it makes me kind of sad.

But usually we just have the standard: turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, stuffing, corn bread, and rolls.

As a kid, I used to love getting up and watching the Macy’s Day parade, but it’s been a long time since I’ve done that.

I guess the one thing we always do  is black Friday shopping. Some of my favorite memories with my family come from standing in the freezing cold at 3 am just to buy something silly like movies or headphones. So much fun! When’s the last time I did that?  Three years ago I made Jonathan go with me… (we spent Thanksgiving in Oklahoma that first year (and I spent a lot of time in our room studying), here in St. Louis for studying my second year, and I spent it in Sweden with my sister our third year. I’d go home this year, but I know if I’m around my family, I won’t want to study at all!) Maybe next year I’ll have to make sure I spend Thanksgiving with my family so that we can go black Friday shopping and round it off with some IHOP pancakes!